Environmental Impact Statements


The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 requires that federal agencies prepare detailed analyses of any actions that significantly affect the quality of the environment. Environmental impact statements (EISs) are the result of this requirement. EIS's have been produced, since 1969, on virtually every type of activity, from oil and gas development to scientific research in Antarctica, and from protection of wildlife habitat to construction of light rail lines. 

This guide lists various resources for finding environmental impact statements online and in the library.


Envirofacts (EPA)

Search tool for EPA databases, including information related to hazardous waste (including the Biennial Report), toxic and air releases, Superfund sites, and water discharge permits. Facility information and maps are also provided.

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Starting Points

BIOSIS Previews

BIOSIS Previews is the world's most comprehensive reference database for life science research. It covers original research reports and reviews in traditional biological and biomedical areas. It also covers references to primary journal literature on vital biological research, clinical research, medical research findings, and discoveries of new organisms.

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Using the Library Catalog

Click here to search the Library Catalog

Use "keyword" search combing "eis" and topic of interest. Example: "eis and water" returns all draft and final EISs for all bodies of water.

When looking for EISs for specific locations you can search the catalog using a subject search. Example: "Environmental Impact Statements North Carolina Warren County" returns all draft and final EISs for Warren County in North Carolina. Use county names or city names in searches for EISs for specific locations.

EISs are located in the UNCW US Docs-Microfiche section on the 2nd floor of Randall Library. Each EIS will have a SuDoc call numbe

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