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CAARP Exercise

Use the below questions to evaluate your information source (article, website, etc.).

C (Currency) Describe the currency or timeliness of the source in two to three sentences. [Questions to consider: When was the information published? Is your topic one that changes rapidly like technology or popular culture? Are the links or references to other sources up to date?]
A (Authority)

a. Can you identify the author(s) or organization(s) responsible for the content of the source? (If you answered "No," describe how this impacts the reliability of the source in two to three sentences.

b. If you answered "Yes," identify and list the author(s) or organization(s) responsible for the content of the source. In two to three sentences, describe why you think the author(s) or organization(s) is either reliable or unreliable.

A (Accuracy) Describe in two to three sentences why you think the source is either accurate or inaccurate. [Questions to consider: Is the information obviously false? Are there errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar? Was the information reviewed by anyone? Are there citations or references?]
R (Relevance) Is the source relevant? Describe in two to three sentences how the source helps you answer your research question, meets the requirements of an assignment, and/or strengthens your knowledge of the topic.
P (Purpose)

a. Describe in two to three sentences the specific audience the author(s) or organization(s) likely had in mind when the source was written. [Questions to consider: Was the source written for the general public? Was it written for professionals or researchers in a particular field? Is this source meant to educate, entertain, sell a product, or support a point of view?] 

b. What type of source do you think this is? (Justify your answer by listing at least three reasons why the source is either scholarly or popular.)


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