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Africana Studies


Art and Art History



Entrepreneurship (EBD 380)
International Management (MGT 352 - International Management)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Citation Styles

Clinical Research

Communication Studies

Computer Science

Creative Writing


Current Topics

Digital Humanities



Environmental Sciences

Evaluating Sources

Film Studies

General Reference

Geography and Geology

Government Resources

Health and Applied Human Sciences

Health and Human Services


British Imperial Culture (HST 487/587)
Cold War in Asia (HST 377)
Food in European History (HST 414/554)
Global Spanish Empire (HST 495/595)
Global Trade Since 1450 (HST 495/595)
The Old South (HST 346)
Women in Modern America (HST 204 (Honors))

International Studies

Local Resources


Marine Sciences/Oceanography

Mathematics and Statistics


Music Fundamentals (MUS 106)


North Carolina


Other Topics





Public and International Affairs


Scholarly Research Services

Social Work


Southeast North Carolina History and Government


University Archives

Using Databases

Using the Library

Women's and Gender Studies

World Languages & Cultures

325 Racial and Ethnic Group Relations Robinson, Candice
358 Organizational Behavior Yang, Tao
442 Slavery and Capitalism Sherman, Kimberly
495/595 History of the Indian Ocean World Fain, Taylor
558 Strategic Management Guidice, Rebecca
BAN 300 Introduction to Business Analytics Geda, Avinash
BIO 480 / EVS 431 Coastal Research in Belize Hall, Jack/ Posey, Martin
BIO 480 / EVS 431 Coastal Research in Belize Hall, Jack/ Posey, Martin
BIO 480 / EVS 431 Coastal Research in Belize Hall, Jack/ Posey, Martin
CMR 530 International Law and Dispute Resolution Kleinberg, Remonda
COM 200 COM 200 - Research Methods Dr. Rick Olsen
COM 268 Principles of Multimedia Journalism Rivenbark, Jeff
COM 334 COM 334 - Message Design Dr. Christine Willingham
COM 338 COM 338 - Campaign Design Dr. Christine Willingham
COM 500 COM 500 - Mixed Research Methods Dr. Yiyi Yang
CRM 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice Higgins, Ethan
CRM 310 White Collar Crime Maume, Mike
CRM 360 Criminological Theory Smith, J. M.
CRM 360 Criminological Theory Smith, J. M.
EBD 380 Entrepreneurship Vestal
EBD 482 Global Entrepreneurship Galbraith
ENG 210 Mythology
FIN/MKT 495 Prague Consulting Projects Compton and Scribner
FST 376 American Cinema 1927-1960 Berliner, Todd
FST 379 African American Experience on Film Richardson, Granetta (Sue)
FST 379 American Cinema of the 1970s Berliner, Todd
HIST 444 / 526 Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction Zombek, Angela
Hon 399 Hon 399
HST 204 (Honors) Women in Modern America Bredbenner, Candice
HST 346 The Old South Zombek, Angela
HST 377 Cold War in Asia Bei, Gao
HST 414/554 Food in European History Mollenauer, Lynn
HST 418/558 Work in Twentieth-Century Europe Seidman, Michael
HST 440 U.S. Civil Rights Movement Gisolfi, Monica
HST 444 Civil Liberties in the United States Bredbenner, Candice
HST 456/533 Animals in American History Laursen, Christopher
HST 487/587 British Imperial Culture Townend, Paul
HST 495 North Carolina in Global Trade Spaulding, R. Mark
HST 495/595 Global Spanish Empire Mehl, Eva
HST 495/595 Global Trade Since 1450 Spaulding, Mark
HST 522 U.S. History as Global History Fain, W. Taylor
HST 562 Cold War: A Global History Fain, W. Taylor
INB 300 International Business Patrick
INT 315 Global Healthcare Berg, Herbert
INT 337 China Encounters the World Bei, Gao
INT 339 Japan Encounters the World Gao Bei
MBA 533 Management and Strategy Rodriguez
MBA 534 Investment Management Richie, Nivine
MBA 563 Introduction to Healthcare Systems Whitman, Doug
MGT 352 - International Management International Management Rodriguez
MGT 455 Competitive Strategy Vestal
MGT 455 Strategic Management Rodriguez, Carlos
MKT 442 International Marketing Scribner
MKT 443 Marketing Research Design Altobelo
MUS 341 American Musical Theatre MUS 341 Spencer, Helena K.
MUS 118 History of Rock: MUS 118 Justin Hoke
PAR 215 Bioethics
PBH 452 Epidemiology Figueroa, Jorge
PLS 308 Public Administration Prentice, Christopher
PLS 401 Senior Seminar Lane, Julie
PLS 423 National Security Policy Margolis, Gabriel
SOC 260 Poverty Studies Waity, Jill
SOC 304 Popular Culture King, Donna
SOC 337 Medical Sociology Smith, S. M.
SOC 346 Sociology of Religion Wadsworth, Angela
SOC 433 Sociology of Mental Health Smith, S. M.
SOC 460 Sociology of Poverty Waity, Jill
SOC 485 The Community Waity, Jill
SOC 490 Senior Seminar: Sociology through Film Sutherland, Jean-Anne
SOC/CRM 300 Methods of Social Research Ternes, Brock
SOC/CRM 300 Methods of Social Research Ternes, Brock
SOC/CRM 500 Social Research Methods Day, Jacob
SOC/CRM 500 Social Research Methods Day, Jacob
SOC/CRM 502 Evaluation, Methods, and Policy Ternes, Brock
SOC/CRM 502 Evaluation, Methods, and Policy Ternes, Brock
SPN 550 Current Research and Practices in Teaching Spanish Dr. L. J. Randolph, Jr.
SWK 355/SWK 514 Social Work Policy