Public Performance Rights for Screening Media


Videos with Public Performance Rights

Streaming Databases with PPR -

  • Films on Demand
  • Kanopy Streaming

UNCW Library Catalog - Some of the DVDs in our collection have public performance rights, and this will be noted in the catalog record.

Public Performance Rights for Screening Media

What are Public Performance Rights?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video (media). Normally the media producer or distributor manages these rights. The rights-holder can assign PPR to others through a Public Performance License.

When are Public Performance Rights Required?

PPR are required for:

  • All screenings of copyrighted media to the general public and to audiences outside of regular curriculum. Examples:
    • Student club events
    • Extracurricular sponsored events such as general lectures
    • Film showings

PPR are not required for:

Why should you learn about Public Performance Rights?

Showing media, whether borrowed from the library or rented / purchased, to groups outside of the classroom may be illegal, and may place the University at risk legally.

Do UNCW Libraries purchase videos with Public Performance Rights?

Since UNCW Randall Library acquires media to support the curriculum, and face-to-face teaching is exempt from PPR, Randall Library does not typically secure PPR with video purchases. However, many distributors of our educational videos include PPR in the purchase price, which means these videos can be shown anywhere to anyone.

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Securing Public Rights

Individuals and organizations are responsible for obtaining performance rights for all publicly screened media. Some companies to contact to secure (license) PPR are:

Kino International

Kino International

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Swank Digital Campus Website

Swank helps spread the magic of movies and TV shows beyond homes and theaters. How? We license and distribute content to non-theatrical markets like worldwide cruise lines, U.S. colleges and universities, K-12 public schools and libraries, hospitals, motor coaches, Amtrak trains, correctional facilities and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses. In fact, we’ve been bringing movies and TV shows to more people in more places since 1937.

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Lumina Theatre

If your student group, department or off-campus business or organization would like to reserve Lumina Theater for a film event. Visit the Reservations page for more information.

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