Papers (1921-1925) consisting of correspondence, letters, social events, annual report copies, physician's bill and corporation report to stock holders. The correspondence in this collection consists, for the most part, of letters written by George Rountree to his son George Jr., while the latter was attending Harvard (1921-1925). Although much of the material contained in the correspondence is personal in nature, the elder Rountree often included comments on the political, commercial, and social events of the period covered.

George Rountree (b. Kinston, N.C., 1855) was a Wilmington, N. C. attorney, superior court judge and state legislator. A graduate of Harvard (1877) and Judge Strong Law School, he practiced law in Wilmington from 1885 until the 1940's in partnership at various times with J. O. Carr, Louis Poisson, and Thomas W. Davis. George Rountree was active in the Democratic Party in North Carolina and served in the N.C. General Assembly (1899-1901). In 1899, he and William Allen, another prominent North Carolina attorney, greatly influenced drafting of the suffrage amendment proposed in the General Assembly.