Google Scholar


Search engine for scholarly literature such as articles, papers, theses, books, and reports.

How to Get full-text of Articles in Google Scholar

Google Scholar often links to commercial publisher websites that may ask you to buy a subscription or pay to access an article. Do not pay for articles. Look for the Find article @ UNCW link. Randall Library already provides access to many  journal articles indexed in Google Scholar.

If you are off-campus, and do not see the Find article @ UNCW link, you can configure your Google settings so that you will see the link.

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Sign in to your Google Account (or create an account)
  3. Click on Settings (top center of screen)
  4. Click on Library Links in the left hand menu
  5. Search for "University of North Carolina Wilmington"
  6. Click in the check box for UNCW
  7. Click Save