Interview with James Megivern, Pt. 2 (Oral History)


In tape 2 of this two-part interview, Dr. Megivern continues discussion of his teaching and scholarly interests, and also discusses his work on behaf of the Wilmington community. He discusses his research on the death penalty, and the 1999 publication of his book, a scholarly look at Christianity and capital punishment. Dr. Megivern also discusses his work to improve race relations in Wilmington and in North Carolina. He has written about the Wilmington Ten, and he served as co-chair of the 1898 Foundation with Bertha Todd in 1998, the centennial year. He concludes by discussing projects he is conducting in retirement, including teaching in the Lifelong Learning Program at UNCW. Dr. Megivern retired from UNCW in 2001, following three years of phased retirement.