Interview with John J. Burney, Jr. (Oral History)


Mr. John J. Burney, Jr., discusses UNCW and Wilmington College from its founding to the present day. As a a graduate of New Hanover High School, Mr. Burney knew many of the first students and teachers of Wilmington College, since many of them came from the high school. He talks about them and about some of the first members of the Wilmington College Board of Trustees, including Addison Hewlett. He discusses the roles of John T. Hoggard, T.T. Hamilton, and William H. Wagoner in the development of the college and university. When Mr. Burney served as state Senator, he worked closely with Dr. Wagoner, Dr. William Friday and Mayor B.D. Schwartz to acquire support and funding for the new campus from the legislature and to get Wilmington College into the state-wide university system, which was achieved in 1969. After serving in the Senate, Mr. Burney practiced law for many years and remained active in the life of the university. He served on the Board of Trustees and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and also on the Chancellor Search Committee in 1990. Later he was a member of the first Board of Visitors, which was established by Chancellor James L. Leutze.