In this oral history interview, Melton McLaurin discusses his career in academics as well as his life history. He begins with his childhood in Wade, North Carolina. Dr. McLaurin attended East Carolina University for his bachelor's and master's degrees in history. He and his wife obtained their Ph.D's from the University of South Carolina in 1967. They both obtained jobs at the University of South Alabama. In 1977, they moved with their family to Wilmington. Dr. McLaurin was hired as chair of the history department, a position that he held until 1991. He discusses the department during this time of growth at the university, the beginning of the graduate program in history, his teaching, and his research. In 1996 Dr. McLaurin became associate vice-chancellor for academic affairs. Although he retired in 2002, he continued his association with the university, serving in various roles. Most recently he organized a video documentary project about the Montford Pointe Marines. The interview includes Dr. McLaurin's reflections on what he envisions for the future of UNCW and the future of humanities in the university setting.