MS 009 Cronly Family Papers


This collection contains the personal correspondence and private papers of the Wilmington-based Cronly family, primarily related Margaret M. Cronly (1827-1911), and her children Jane Murphy Cronly (1850-1935), Sallie Taylor Cronly (1852-1913), Michael Cronly (1858-1930), Joseph Murphy Cronly (1858-1907), William Neil Cronly (1860-1904), Robert Dickson Cronly (1863-1936), Douglas Tennent Cronly (1865-1931), Margaret Cronly (1868-1947), and Mary Douglas Cronly (1871-1949). Other family members mentioned in this collection include Catherine M. Beatty, Mary A. Hill Cronly, and Robert D. Cronly, Jr. Materials include correspondence between Cronly family members, a photograph, a notebook, and petitions and other documents pertaining to a dispute over the closing of a county road and property once used as the State Guard campground. The notebook included in this collection contains an unfinished story with a Civil War setting. The author is not listed, nor any reference to the existence of the remainder of the manuscript. Materials date from 1988 to 1925.