This collection of three articles chronicles Austin Joseph Holliday’s attempts to receive service-connected total and permanent disability from the Veterans’ Administration for an illness that occurred during World War I. The plaintiff Holliday, a black WWI veteran, based his prayer for compensation under U.S. Judicial Code, Section 145, March 3, 1887, c—359, 1, 24 Stat. 505 and the World War Veterans Act 1924 in pursuant to Part I of Veterans Regulations Number I, as amended in the Economy Act, Public Law Number 2, 73rd Congress, March 20, 1933 on War Times Rates, etc. Austin Holliday filed a petition in the United States Court of Claims on August 2nd, 1949, File Number 49226. The court made its decision on the Defendant’s Demurrer on November 7, 1949 and dismissed his petition. Holliday then wrote an Appeal To The United States President and Congress.