MS 226 Willis and Amanda Wilson Family Papers


This collection contains the family papers of Willis Wilson (1807-1860) and Amanda Pollock Wilson (1813-1888), white landowners, farmers, and enslavers in Duplin County, North Carolina. Types of materials include correspondence, estate records, deeds and indentures, financial account summaries, receipts from merchants in Warsaw and Clinton, newspaper subscription receipts, Wilmington inspectors’ certificates for turpentine, and tax receipts. In the estate and financial documents there is frequent mention of the Wilson’s enslaved workers, including discussion of the purchase or inheritance of enslaved individuals, lease agreements for hiring out enslaved workers, and lists of expenditures and profits related to enslaved labor. The collection also contains a handwritten list of the names and birthdates of Willis and Amanda Wilson, the six Wilson children, and twenty-four enslaved people. Other major topics include the Civil War, as the bulk of the correspondence is from John J. Wilson during his service in the Confederate Army’s 51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment, and eighteenth and early nineteenth century landownership. Materials date from 1762 to 1905.