MS 320 Ashe Family Papers


This collection contains the biographical documents, familiy histories, diaries, works of poetry, genealogical lists, and photographs of the Ashe family of North Carolina. Most of the materials in this collection consist of photocopies or typed transcripts, but it does contain original diaries, letters, and photographs.

The original diaries were written by Henrietta Perkins and Sarah Anne Ashe during the late 1840s and early 1850s. Sarah's diary focused on the tragedies of travelling during the era. Fannie Waddell's diary is a photocopy of the original, while Rosa Ashe Hill's diary is only a transcript. Both diaries were written during the 1860s and mention the impacts the Civil War had on their personal lives. 

Included are photocopies of John Ashe Sr.'s original will and a transcript of John Ashe Jr.'s will. In addition, there is information about the Cape Fear area during the early to mid 1700s, when the Ashe family came to the region. There are douments describing the land owned by the Ashe family and maps of the surrounding plantations. 

The collection also features works depicting the significance of the Ashe family in North Carolina. There are newspaper and magazine articles discussing the achievements of individual family members and their contribution to public service, as well as a VHS film about the Bayard v. Singleton case.