MS 332 Dr. Walter H. Conser Jr. Papers


This collection consists of the accumulated working papers of professor, historian, and author Dr. Walter Conser Jr. between 1970 and 2014. The collection is comprised primarily of research materials, in English and German, including articles, magazines, newspapers, books in whole or part, and associated notes; also included are publishing documents, personal and professional corresondence, newsletters, serials, memorablia, personal papers, and materials documenting Dr. Walter Conser Jr.'s participation in professional and academic panels, conferences, and events. The collection also contains various correspondence, academic and professional papers of scholars Sumner B. Twiss, William G. McLoughlin, and Gene Sharp. These materials are especially useful to persons studying issues relating to Native Americans, nonviolent action, civilian-based defense, Western religious history and specifically religious history of the American Southeast.