MS 349 St. John's Art Gallery Papers


This collection contains papers, artifacts, and media related to the establishment and day-to-day operations of St. John’s Art Gallery. It emphasizes exhibits by providing insight into the world of art and curation techniques at the time. Moreover, the collection follows the remodel of St. John’s as they attempted to expand and play host to larger exhibits. This collection includes by-laws, consignment forms, reports, planners, press releases, brochures, correspondence, architectural plans, photographs, postcards, magazines, and newspaper articles. Moreover, this collection places a particular emphasis on the career of Alan Aiches, the museum’s first director. Alan’s career can be mapped throughout the early 1970s, during the gallery's formative years, through the early 2000s. The collection highlights his involvement with exhibits, public outreach/fundraising, and the expansion and renovation of St. John’s before his resignation.