Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction

Semester and Year: 
Fall 2021
Course number: 
HIST 444 / 526
Zombek, Angela

Secondary Sources - Suggested Databases

America: History & Life

Provides a robust source of information focusing on the history and life of the United States and Canada. Selective indexing includes over a thousand journals dating back over 55 years.

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Archive of selected scholarly journals in anthropology, art, art history, communication studies, criminology, ecology, economics, education, English, film studies, foreign languages and literatures, geography, geology, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, political science, public and international affairs, religion, social work, sociology, statistics, theatre, and other humanities and social sciences.

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Project MUSE

Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers providing 100% full-text, to high quality humanities, arts, art history, creative writing, education, English, film studies, foreign languages and literatures, history, religion, theatre, and social sciences journals from scholarly publishers.

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Helpful Subject Headings

Civil War Subject Headings

Browse these subect headings and sub-headings. Click on the headings to find library holdings such as books, government documents, movies, and more.   You'll also want to do a keyword search to find appropriate headings for your specific topic.

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Primary Source Collections

The American Abolitionist Movement (Digital Public Library of America)

Information about the American Abolitionist movement, provided by the Digital Public Library of America. 

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Born in Slavery : Slave Narratives from the Federal Writer's Project 1936-1938 (Library of Congress)

Collection of more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves. Volumes organized by state.

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Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition

A freely-accessible online collection of historical documents associated with the chief executives of the state, 1860-1865.

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Civil War Images: Depictions of African Americans in the War Effort (Library of Congress)

The visual depictions that were created during the war provide an opportunity to explore the many different ways in which African Americans—free and enslaved, in Union and Confederate states— advanced the war effort. However, these images also encourage us to examine the many ways in which artists, photographers, and publishers chose to depict African Americans in the war effort, and to consider their reasons for doing so.

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Civil War Richmond

Civil War Richmond is an online research project designed to collect documents, photographs, and maps pertaining to Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.

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Documenting the American South

Resource providing documents, images, and audio files related to the history, literature, and culture of the American South.

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The Freedmen's Bureau (Digital Public Library of America)

Information about the history and formation of the Freedmen’s Bureau (also called the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands), provided by the Digital Public Library of America.

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The Freedmen's Bureau (National Archives)

Information about the history and formation of the Freedmen's Bureau, provided by the National Archives. 

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Freedmen's Bureau (National Museum of Civil War Medicine)

Information about the history and formation of the Freedmen's Bureau compiled by the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. 

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Internet Archive

Non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

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Making of America (Cornell)

Provides full-text access to 267 monograph volumes and over 100,000 journal articles related to 19th century American history.

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Music in the Civil War (National Museum of Civil War Medicine)

A collection of songs from the American Civil War period. 

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Reminiscences of Two Years with the Colored Troops (American Battlefield Trust)

An account given by Captain Addeman, discussing the trails and tribulations his regiment underwent during the Civil War. 

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Three Speeches from Frederick Douglass: Examples of His Passion, Logic, and Power

Excerpts from The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass (Five volumes) by Philip S. Foner, International Publishers. 

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The WPA and the Slave Narrative Collection (Library of Congress)

Library of Congress page with information about the history and formation of the WPA Federal Writers' Project and its relationship to the Slave Narrative Collection. 

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