Special Topics: Social Movements

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Spring 2021
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SOC 399
Sarah Gaby


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Randall Library Digital Collections

Includes articles and photographs in the Seahawk Student Newspaper (1947-2009) and student organization photographs in UNCW Student Yearbook – The Fledgling (1950-1989).

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Seahawk Student Newspaper

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UNCW Student Yearbook (1950-1989).  

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The Seahawk

UNCW newspaper  (~2000-present).

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Collective Action by Youth and College Students in Wilmington, NC


  • Wilmington Youth Council, approx. 1970 
    • tutoring program 
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1960s-1970s 
  • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)  
  • The Wilmington Movement, 1970s  
    • not necessarily university-related; Wilmington movement involving young people 
  • Assassination of MLK Jr, 1968*MORE 
    • UNCW Students protest U.S. flag flown at half-mast on campus; others counter-demonstrate/seated by flag pole.  Seahawk student newspaper, scrapbooks in Archives, alternative student newspaper 
  • Student organization “Wantu Wazuri plans for the future,” 1970 *MORE  
    • “will work for Black representation in the student government and … [a]ddition of black faculty members.” (1970) 
  • UNCW Student Chapter of the NAACP - *MORE 
    • President in 1988 was Amos Quick: “Racial Tensions Rising at UNCW” 
  • Student Political Activities Club, 1968 
    • Formed following assassination of MLK Jr, group that had advocated for UNCW SGA to co-sponsor a visit by MLK Jr to Wilmington 
  • Black Student Action Committee, 1989 - *MORE 
    • “BSAC & Bryan Meet, Discuss Demands” 
  • Tuition increases 
    • Search Seahawk newspaper digital collection, various points including 1990s, 2000s. 

Varied topics/political/foreign policy 

  • Gag rule”/Communist Speaker Ban in North Carolina. 1960s *MORE 
    • State law, now repealed, affecting colleges and universities in North Carolina. There is also a potential tie-in to freedom of religion. Communists viewed as atheist; in the midst of the Speaker Ban debate, 1963 Student Senate scraps the opening prayer in favor of a “moment of silence.” 
  • “Young Americans For Freedom Form Local Chapter on Campus,” 1965 
    • Possibly connected to support of Speaker Ban Law 
  • Vietnam War, 1960s and 1970s *MORE 
    • “Students gather in support of U.S. Foreign policy in Vietnam”  
  • “War Moratorium/prayer vigil” 1969 - *MORE, including photographs 
    • UNCW special supplement on student unrest 1970 *MORE 
  • Other Anti-War 
  • (Peace) Rally Sparks Controversy, January 1991 
  • Wilmington Peace Meet-up, October 2007 
    • P.E.A.C.E – campus activism, April 2001 
    • UNCW Women’s Resource Center, founded 2002 *MORE 
    • Boycott Ludacris concert at UNCW, 2003 
  • “Collective for Women,” 1994  
  • NC Amendment to make gay marriage illegal 
  • Student and Faculty Anti-Apartheid Movement/Divestment from South Africa - Possibly *MORE 
  • Animal rights 
    • UNCW SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), 1999 


  • Save the Whales Seaside Jam, 1980s *MORE 
  • Earth Day  
    • some activity? Biology Club Photograph Contest, 1971 


  • Hillcrest Reading program and “Community Campus” with Wilmington Housing Authority, 2000s

Other Organizing (All Ages)


  • New Hanover Human Relations Commission, 1960 – 1980s
  • Good Neighbor Council, 1960s-1970s 


  • Hillcrest Reading program and “Community Campus," 2000s 
    • With Wilmington Housing Authority, 2000s 
  • “Big Brother Movement," approximately 1921 
    • Wilmington Rotary Club involvement with this group, which is based out of NY City - approx. 1921 

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