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America: History & Life

America: History & Life provides a robust source of information focusing on the history and life of the United States and Canada. Selective indexing includes over a thousand journals dating back over 55 years.

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Historical Abstracts

Historical Abstracts covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) focusing on the 15th century forward, including art history, world history, military history, women's history, history of education, foreign languages and literatures, and more.

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Scholarly journals in anthropology, art, art history, communication studies, criminology, ecology, economics, education, English, film studies, foreign languages and literatures, geography, geology, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, political science, public and international affairs, religion, social work, sociology, statistics, theatre, and other humanities and social sciences. 

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Public Affairs Information Services (PAIS)

The Public Affairs Information Services database provides information on business, public and international affairs, public and social policies and international relations. PAIS includes publications from over 120 countries throughout the world.

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History in the News: The Middle East

Links are provided to Middle Eastern history, culture, society, religion, economics, politics, maps and news & media. Developed by the History Department, SUNY Albany.

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Finding Related Books in the Library Catalog

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Subject Headings

The library catalog uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. You can start with keyword searches to gather some relevant titles, then look at their subject headings to discover the official terms to use.

Here are some subject headings related to U.S. Middle East Relations:

United States -- Foreign relations -- Middle East
United States -- Foreign relations -- Arab countries
United States -- Foreign relations -- [country]
Middle East -- Peace -- International cooperation

Consider using narrower terms, such as:

Eisenhower doctrine
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991

More on Subject Searching:

Libraries and database creators try to structure language in a way to make browsable lists.  Subject terms tend to be set up in a hierarchical manner.  United States -- Foreign relations is an excellent example of this principle.  To understand this better, try a Keyword search in the Randall Library Catalog for "United States -- Foreign relations"  Then, repeat the search as a Subject search.  

You may also wish to browse the Reference Collection to see what special sources are available. For more detail, see the outline from the Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/lcco/

Primary Sources

Search the Randall Library catalog and WorldCat for policy makers' names as authors. This should retrieve their memoirs, diaries and correspondence.

As you search subject topics in the catalog and WorldCat, note that the following subdivisions indicate primary source material:

personal narratives
pictorial works
songs and music
speeches, addresses, etc.*

Be sure to look in broad-based documentary collections, collections covering the time period you are researching and public papers of the Presidents in office during the period (please see linksbelow.)

Newspapers and Popular Magazines can provide both factual information and insight on the prevailing views of the period.

Newspapers on Microfilm (Index availability)
Times of London (Palmer's Index to the Times Index Collection AI21.T458)
New York Times (New York Times Index Index Collection AI21 .N45)  
You may want to use this index to make sure you find articles you can retrieve through the online version.
United States Congressional Record (Index at beginning of the first reel for each session of Congress.  
Filed with periodicals on microfilm)

Print Indexes to Periodical Literature
International Index to Periodicals ( Index Collection AI3 .R5)  Indexes selected scholarly periodicals.
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (Index Collection AI3 .R48)  Indexes selected popular magazines.

Foreign Relations of the United States (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections)

is a digital facsimile of Foreign Relations of the United States, "an incomplete run from 1861-1960 with missing volumes being added as they can be acquired and processed."

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Public Papers of the Presidents

Online versions of the papers of Presidents from Ronald Reagan to the present. Print copies of presidential papers back to the Teddy Roosevelt administration are in the library's General Collection J82.

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Digital National Security Archive - (DNSA)

This resource consists of expertly curated, and meticulously indexed, declassified government documents covering U.S. policy toward critical world events – including their military, intelligence, diplomatic and human rights dimensions – from 1945 to the present.

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New York Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

Digital archive for the New York Times dating back to 1851. An excellent database for history, including full-text and full-image articles. For most dates, the collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue--cover to cover--in downloadable PDF files. For access to recent issues, go to the New York Times online or search US Newsstream.

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