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The following tips and resources are provided to enhance the collaboration between UNCW instructors teaching English Composition courses and Instructional Services Librarians at Randall Library. Any questions or suggestions can be sent Tammy Ivins, Coordinator of Instructional Services  ivinst [at] ((ivinst [at] )

You may hear your students tell you that they have "already been to the library for a session."  Librarians hear that a lot, too!  It might be helpful to explain to students that each session is different and that every session builds upon the one before, much in the same way that ENG 101 students will also take ENG 201. Students cannot possibly learn all information literacy skills in one session.  The content designed for First Year Seminar was designed differently from the content for ENG 101, as was the content for ENG 103/201.  More information about the information literacy program at Randall Libary. 

ENG 101

Randall Library no longer teaches a face-to-face library session for ENG 101, but we offer a series of Canvas modules that you can utilize in your course.

You will be able to preview the modules before importing it into your course and will also be able to modify/customize (even remove) them after importing (help importing). 

Import the ENG 101 modules from the Canvas Commons. 

ENG 103/201

For syncronous (whether online or in-person) sections: 

  • Please note that no live library sessions will be offered for English Composition in academic year 2020-21. All instructors should utilize the Canvas module created for ENG 103/201 online sections (below). 

For asyncronous online course sections: Import the ENG 103/201 module from the Canvas Commons

  • If the link does not work, search for "ENG 103/201 modules - Randall Library."
  • This is a module that you can utilize in your online ENG 103/201 course. You will be able to preview the module before importing it into your course and will also be able to modify/customize it after importing (help importing). 

Optional: Import the "Using Images From the Web" module from the Canvas Commons. 

  • This is an optional module about using images and other media found on the open web. This module's content is included in the library content for ENG 101. So you may want to consider including it in your course if you are teaching ENG 103, or if your ENG 201 course involves a media component (to give your students a refresher). 

Optional: Import the "MLA Crash Course 8th edition" module from the Canvas Commons. 

  • This is an optional module that provides training on MLA 8th edition, a pratice exam, and a graded exam. 

Supplemental Library Engagement Offerings for 2020-21

Want more engagement with the library? 

Virtual escape room

  • A remote version of our portable in person breakouts, this puzzle game will challenge students to successfully complete a choose-your-own-adventure style virtual escape room using library tools and resources. Like our in person breakouts, this game will give students hands-on experience with library tools, services, and skills that are not as fully covered in the required modules.
  • Access the virtual escape room here. For more information, guidance, and best practices, please see our educator's guide (PDF).

Mini virtual talks

  • A librarian will speak to your class for up to 15 minutes on a specific topic. As these are intended to be short supplements, we recommend choosing fairly narrow topics. For instance, the librarian could introduce your class to a certain subject-specific database that is relevant for your students, introduce them to a citation management tool, demonstrate a selection of Boolean searching techniques, or just drop in to introduce themselves.
  • Or, you can request a custom asynchronous video tutorial. (See our existing tutorials available for your use).
  • Email Tammy Ivins (ivinst [at] if you are interested.

"Ask Your Librarian" Canvas discussion board

  • A discussion board can be set up in your Canvas course, where students can asynchronously ask the librarian any questions they may have about their research in your class or about library services and skills in general.
  • Email Tammy Ivins (ivinst [at] if you are interested.

Regular drop-in Canvas chat hours

  • We can schedule a recurring time when a librarian will have “office hours” in your course’s Canvas chat function. Students can drop in during those hours to ask synchronous research or library services questions.
  • Email Tammy Ivins (ivinst [at] if you are interested.

Librarian feedback on student drafts

  • A librarian can take a look at student work in the draft phase to give students feedback on whether or not their sources are peer-reviewed or appropriately informative, as well as where to find more peer-reviewed, scholarly, or high quality sources. (Please note that we will not be providing citation checking as part of this service.)
  • Email Tammy Ivins (ivinst [at] if you are interested.

Digital makerspace

  • Request a synchronous software instruction session or an asynchronous video tutorial. Examples include: video projects using Adobe Premiere, audio projects/podcasts using Audacity, and digital visual projects using Canva.  Request a DMS instruction session or video.

Plagiarism tutorial

Information Literacy Resources

No Time for a Full Session?

If you do not have time for a full 50 minute or 75 minute session with a librarian we can offer the following:

  • A librarian can visit your classroom for a specific amount of time you identify.
    • 5 minutes allows us to say "Hello" and tell students how to get help.
    • 10 minutes allows us to also show students how to access subject guides, course guides and databases.
    • 15 minutes allows us to also quickly show basic searching concepts to create the best search strategies.
    • 25 minutes allows us to also briefly touch on the importance of evaluating information.
  • A librarian can create an online tutorial (or series of tutorials) you can send to your students or embed into Canvas
  • We can recommend a tool that will help students throughout the research process.


Tammy Ivins
Coordinator of Instructional Services

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