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Resources for First Year Seminar Instructors


Welcome FYS instructors!  On this page, you will find everything you need to help your FYS students with library and information literacy resources.

The Library Resources for First Year Seminar Students page can be found here: https://library.uncw.edu/first_year_seminar. Everything your students need to complete the library and information literacy components will be on that page.  Assign them that link and provide a due date for the completion.

Below is a breakdown of what you need to do for your library and information literacy components in your UNI/FYS class.  You can also find documents in the Library folder on the UNI 101 Instructor Resources course in Canvas (Common Elements > Required Presentations > Library Session)

Questions?  Contact Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian, at sclippae [at] uncw.edu.

Required: Book Your Library Session:

Required: BEFORE the library session, have students complete BUILD, one of the library tour options, and the quiz

Required: AFTER the library session, assign the Research Reflection Assignment
(#4 on the student page)

Optional: Assign a plagiarism Tutorial: https://www.indiana.edu/~plag/ 
Schedule your class for a breakout escape game session: https://library.uncw.edu/forms/escape_library
 BUILD Information Literacy Tutorial & Library Tour (required)
  • BEFORE the library session, students should complete the BUILD information literacy tutorial and one of the Library Tour options.
  • For Randall Explorer, the augmented reality game, we recommend that you have students work in pairs or small groups.
  • The link for the Library Tour options is item #2 on the first year student library page; tour options include Randall Explorer and the Virtual Tour. If you would prefer to schedule an in person tour for your entire class, please contact Eva Sclippa at sclippae [at] uncw.edu.
  • After completion of BUILD and a tour, students will be asked to take a quiz.
  • You will receive an email automatically after they have completed the quiz with their score. It will come from "mcbrayerl" but each email will have the student's name on it and their score.
  • Provide students with the URL for the "Library Resources for First Year Seminar Students" page which will provide all the instructions and links for these IL activities: http://library.uncw.edu/guides/freshman_seminar
 Research Reflection Assignment (required)
  • AFTER the library session, students should complete the Research Reflection “library assignment.” There is no automatic scoring or grade for this assessment/assignment, but you will receive an email when the students complete the assignment, and will have access to their responses.
  • Provide students with this URL so that they can complete the assignment: https://library.uncw.edu/first_year_seminar
    (#4 on the student page)
  • Provide a due date after completion of their final project/paper in your class for the students to complete the assignment.
  • You will receive an email before your library session that includes a rubric we have designed to use with the Research Reflection assignment.
 Breakout escape game session (optional but encouraged)
  • Have Randall library staff bring a library resource and information literacy themed escape game to your classroom.
  • Request dates and times at least one week in advance at this link: https://lib.uncw.edu/breakout_signup
  • Students typically complete the game in 45-50 minutes, but may work faster or slower. Plan to allot the entire class period for this experience.
Plagiarism Tutorial & Quiz from Indiana University (optional but encouraged)
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Schedule a Session


Please schedule your First Year Seminar Library Session by filling out this form.  (Trying to schedule Transfer Seminar Library Sessions? Use this form instead.)

1.    You should receive an email confirming your session within 3 days (72 hours) of your request.
2.    Plan to attend the library session.  Students take these sessions more seriously if their instructor is present.  Furthermore, the session relies heavily on group work – your participation in facilitating group activities is appreciated.
3.    If you have any comments or concerns, please include them in the “Is there anything else…” field below, or contact Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian at sclippae [at] uncw.edu (subject: UNI%20101%20Form%20%2F%20Session) .

Resources for First Year Seminar are available for both students and instructors.


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