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LIB 101. Basic Library & Information Research Skills (1 credit hour)

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Concepts & methodology for locating, selecting, and evaluating information, with an emphasis on electronic resources. Overview of the structure and organization of information.

LIB 103. Introduction to Library Research and Technology (3 credit hours)

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Exploration of concepts in library science and information technology. Emphasis on the evolving nature, trends, and issues relating to information. Development of skills in information retrieval and analysis using both print and electronic resources.

LIB 104. Library & Information Research Skills in Business (3 credit hours)

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An introduction to business information resources and research including the evolution of information, trends and issues in using resources such as catalogs and subscription databases. Students learn to construct effective search strategies, to find and retrieve information, critically evaluate resources and use web sites for research.

LIB 105. Library & Information Research Skills in the Sciences (3 credit hours)

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Examination of research and information retrieval methods in scientific research. Emphasis on analysis of print and electronic resources, subscription databases, and evolution of information technology in the dissemination and communication of scientific information.

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