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Course Related Instruction

The core of Randall Library's Instructional Services Program is the course-related sessions, prepared and presented by a librarian using the instructor's specific library-related assignment and agreed upon student learning outcomes. Sessions are typically held in Randall Library but can also be held in the instructor's classroom and typically last one class period. Schedule now.

First Year Seminar Instruction Sessions

Students in First Year Seminar (UNI 101, 105, 292, etc.) begin learning important information literacy skills in their library instruction session. These concepts can be used throughout their college career. Students will learn how to search the library's online catalog, be introduced to the library's subscription databases, and will learn how to evaluate information. Schedule now.


Group tours can be arranged of Randall Library. Schedule now.  

Instruction for Visiting Groups (Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges)

If you would like your students to have a tour or instruction session at Randall Library, please fill out this form. We are happy to show students from other schools how to use our resources! Schedule now.

LIB 101, 103, and 104

Randall Library currently offers 3 for-credit courses. LIB 101 is a 1 credit hour course and LIB 103 and 104 are 3 credit hour course. More Information.