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You can also additiional information on the Library page in the First Year Seminar Microsft Team.

Welcome Transfer Seminar instructors!  On this page, you will find everything you need to help your students with library and information literacy resources.

Beginning in the Spring of 2020, the various links that you would provide to your Transfer Seminar students for the library session (BUILD, library tour, research reflection, etc.) have all been consolidated into a series of four Canvas modules. The content has also been reduced/streamlined - the modules will take your students less time to complete than the old BUILD website. 

This new format will allow you to break up the information literacy training over the course as best suits your needs. Also, the quiz has been converted to a Canvas quiz, so you no longer have to track the email submissions from your students. Please note that the “research reflection,” however, will still be submitted to you via email.

Questions? Installation instructions are below. There is a “read-me” file in the Canvas content that includes details for instructors. You can also talk to Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian at sclippae [at]


What do I (the instructor) have to do?

Below is a breakdown of the 4 easy steps you must complete in order to integrate the library components into your class. 

no f2f sessions in fall 2020
There is no face-to-face instruction component this semester. 

Install modules
Install the modules from the Canvas Commons
 (see instructions below)

Assign modules
Have students complete Modules #1-3 in Canvas
assign caarp
AFTER the students submit their research paper, assign the Reflection (Module #4 in Canvas)


What are the three UNI 201 Library Components?

1) Library modules (steps 2 & 3 above)

A series of three modules that should take the students approximately 1.5 hours to complete in your Canvas course. After completing the library training modules, students will be able to...

  1. recognize what type of source an item is by format (e.g. article, book chapter), type (primary, secondary, tertiary), and quality (scholarly, popular).
  2. identify strong research questions and plan a research strategy.
  3. evaluate the quality of information locate the full text of electronic articles and print books in Randall Library.
  4. apply the basic principles of plagiarism and copyright.

These modules provide the student with a powerful foundation of research skills. We recommend that you assign these modules to correspond with the various stages of writing a research paper; suggestions are in the "Read me" file for instructors that is inside the Canvas modules. 

2) Face-to-face library session (step 1 above)

Due to staffing shortages, there will be no face-to-face library instruction sessions this semester. Please refer to the list of supplemental offerings at the bottom of this page for other opportunities to connect your students with the library and librarians.

3) Library assignment: Research reflection (step 4 above)

A homework assignment ("Randall Library Module 4" in Canvas) that asks students to reflect critically on their research process for their "Major and Career Research." After completing this reflection, students will be cognizant of...

  • which search tools, search strategies, and types of sources they used and why.
  • how the information they found was used in their project.
  • how they would change their research process in the future.

We recommend that you assign this reflection after students submit their "Major and Career Research."


How do I install the UNI 201 Library Modules in Canvas?

Link to videoTranscript

Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Open Canvas, click on "Commons" (in the left-hand navigation), and search for “Randall Library.”

2. Click on the course entitled “UNI 201 Randall Library Modules.”

download module

3. Click on “Import/Download” and then select the section into which you want to import the module.

import a module

Questions? There is a “read-me” file in the Canvas content that includes details for instructors. You can also talk to Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian... don't hesitate to ask questions!   


Optional Library Offerings

DIY IL in-class activities

Plagiarism tutorial

Media literacy tutorial

MLA and APA Canvas modules


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