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Have a group of 5 or more? Schedule a workshop to be held in the location of your choice or in Randall Library. You may also view workshop materials below.

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Graduate student workshops: the road to research success.

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Library Lowdown: Randall Library Resources in a Nutshell

This workshop will introduce you to the resources and services available at Randall Library: the library catalog, research databases, library programs and services, your library record and much more. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get help! This workshop is especially helpful for freshmen, new faculty, new graduate students, non-traditional students and transfer students.


Library Tours

Tours last approximately 45 minutes and begin at the library’s Customer Services/Circulation Desk on the first floor. This desk is immediately on your left as you enter Randall Library.


Faculty and Staff Development

All about Information Literacy

What is information literacy? What is it important? Why is it part of the basic studies revision? How is it different from computer competency? How can I teach information literacy skills? How can I collaborate with a librarian to integrate information literacy into my courses?


Analyzing Publications for Faculty (guide)

This workshop is designed especially for tenure-track faculty. It will assist and guide attendees in utilizing Randall Library resources to analyze the impact of their publications in preparation for annual and/or tenure review.

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Combating Information Overload (.ppt)

Ever feel like you are drowning in information and you can’t keep up? Learn about alert services, RSS, and techniques for managing your e-mail that will keep you from suffering from information overload.

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Copyright and Creative Commons

If you are an author, you are a copyright owner. Do you know what protections are afforded by copyright? Do you want to reserve all or only some of these rights? This workshop offers a brief introduction to copyright and the basics of licensing agreements, including Creative Commons licenses, which are rapidly gaining support in academic institutions.



Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act requires investigators to provide documentation demonstrating that alternatives to procedures that may cause more than momentary pain or distress to animals have been considered and that activities do not unnecessarily duplicate previous experiments.  A thorough literature search meets this Federal mandate.  This workshop covers the history of the Animal Welfare Act and highlights resources available for performing the required literature search.



Integrating Library Resources into Your Blackboard Course

Don’t forget to include Library Resources when you put together your Blackboard Course. This workshop will show faculty how to integrate research tools into Blackboard.



In the Public Domain: Finding, Using, Sharing Images and More (guide)

Finding materials that are not protected by copyright can be a challenge. This workshop will help you understand the basics of copyright and suggest ways to find materials that are no longer, or have not been, protected by traditional copyright, with a focus on images and music

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Keep it, File it, Share it, Delete it, Shred it or Archive it: What to do with UNCW Records and When to do it

Did you know there is an official records retention schedule for the UNC system, approved by the State of North Carolina and the UNC General Administration? Employees who are the custodians of records in the office, have responsibility for records management or want to learn more about the legal obligations, should attend this workshop. Learn what constitutes a public record, what key exceptions exist for keeping records confidential, the length of time required to keep records before they may be destroyed, the types of UNCW information collected by University Archives, and how to best maintain the enormous number of electronic records received and sent on a daily basis.

Instructors: Steve Miller, UNCW General Counsel, Zachery Mitcham, Director of IT Security, ITSD, and Adina Riggins, University Archivist.



Multimedia Materials in Classes: Beyond DVDs and Youtube (PDF guide)

Find streaming audio and video to support lectures and facilitate interaction in your classroom. A variety of multimedia resources will be covered on subjects including current events, the sciences, history and theater.

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NIH Mandate: What You Need to Know (PDF guide)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently mandated that all researchers funded with NIH grants deposit a copy of their peer-reviewed articles into PubMed Central. Similar mandates from other agencies are highly likely in the future. This workshop will explain the NIH mandate and what you need to know about it as faculty.

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OER Initiatives: Sharing Teaching & Learning Materials (PDF)

Open educational resource (OER) initiatives support the sharing of teaching and learning materials among instructors around the world. These Internet repositories provide educational materials for any and all to use and re-use for free. Learn more about this effort and the resources you can use to find or share teaching and learning materials.

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What Can Seahawk DOCKS Do For You? Brown Bag Lunch

Seahawk DOCKS is a new online database of scholarly works produced by UNCW faculty and students, and it is searchable by Google.  Over a brown bag lunch, we will show features of Seahawk DOCKS and how to submit your works, which can potentially increase your citation counts.  This workshop will also teach you how to retain your rights as an author to use your scholarly publications in ways that you want to.




Graduate Students

Find information about graduate student workshops here.

What's New On the Web?

Identity Crisis!

Workshop focused on leveraging social media to create and maintain your digital identity for personal and professional growth.


All About Google

Get the most out of Google! Learn about Google’s unique tools: Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Uncle Sam, Google Images, advanced searching, site searching, and more!



Oh, The Audacity

Audacity is a free recording studio in your computer.  Learn the basics of recording, editing, mixing, special effects and exporting sound files using the free, open source software Audacity.




SimplyAnalytics is a web-based mapping application that lets you create professional-quality maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data.

An excellent database for sociology, SimplyAnalytics currently offers over 70,000 data variables related to demographics, employment, real estate & housing, crime, businesses, consumer spending, and points of interest.



Wikipedia 360: The Good, the Bad and the Anonymous (.ppt)

This workshop provides a holistic overview of Wikipedia, “the free encyclopedia anyone can edit.” Faculty, staff and students will learn to use Wikipedia effectively and critically.

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Make Your Research Better, Easier and Faster

Advanced Research Techniques for Graduate Students

Learn about selecting and searching the right databases for your research topics, advanced Web searching techniques and how to get assistance at Randall Library with your individual research.



Introduction to EndNote Web

Learn the basics of using EndNote Web, a citation management tool that helps you collect, organize, and store citations for your research. EndNote Web also helps you format your papers, create bibliographies and footnotes in a wide variety of citation styles (APA, Chicago, MLA, the sciences, etc). This is a great tool for graduate students and anyone serious about research!


Searching Public Records

You don’t have to work for the NSA to glean information from the Web about people or organizations. You might be surprised to find out what information is publicly available if you just know where to look. A one hour workshop on searching like a spy–legally.


ILL and Document Delivery

Designed primarily for faculty and graduate students, this workshop will offer best practices for utilizing interlibrary loan and document delivery at Randall Library. Please join us to learn how to obtain must-have research in a variety of formats for all your scholarly and informational needs!




Managing Your Citations: EndNote (guide)

This workshop introduces EndNote (the software) which enables users to create easily searchable “libraries” of citations and format bibliographies in any format with only a couple clicks of the mouse.

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Plagiarism 101

Despite the best of intentions, plagiarism can sneak up on you when writing papers and projects. Come to this workshop, primarily designed for undergraduates, to learn what to do – and what not to do – to protect yourself and your scholarly work from plagiarism.




Faculty, students, and staff – learn how to use the free Firefox extension Zotero to manage your bibliographic citations and export formatted bibliographies in a variety of styles (MLA, APA, etc.).  Zotero will make your research process more productive, efficient… and fun!



If you have other ideas for workshops, please contact:

Anne Pemberton
Instructional Services Coordinator, Randall Library
pembertona [at] uncw.edu

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