Randall Library Special Collections staff is in the process of updating the descriptive information about the Museum of World Cultures artifacts, the access policies and procedures and the Museum's website.

For information about the museum contact:

Rebecca Baugnon, Library Specialist, Special Collections
Laura Wiegand, Associate Director, Library Information Technology and Digital Strategies

Thank you for you anticipated support. Please contact us to see if your gift would support our educational needs. Without the support of generous individuals like you, our collection would not exist today. All donors will receive prompt notification and documentation of gifts received--it is our goal to make donating to the Museum of World Cultures as easy as possible.

The Museum exhibits only authenticated artifacts.

Artifacts and collections donated to the Museum become the unrestricted property of the Museum which is part of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Loans are accepted by the Museum on a short-term basis, such as the loan of artifacts for specific displays. The artifacts are insured by the University according to a written agreement which is signed by the lender(s), a witness and an agent of the Museum. The return of a loan to the owner will be described in the written loan agreement.

The Museum does not appraise collections nor individual artifacts; however, we will work with any donor on issues related to gift taxation and appraisal advice.

For further information contact Jerry Parnell, Coordinator Library Special Collections.