Randall Library Special Collections staff is in the process of updating the descriptive information about the Museum of World Cultures artifacts, the access policies and procedures and the Museum's website.

For information about the museum contact:

Rebecca Baugnon, Library Specialist, Special Collections
Laura Wiegand, Associate Director, Library Information Technology and Digital Strategies

Take advantage of a world of opportunity and experience the Museum of World Cultures. On this web site, we make available images and information related to select items in our collection. Among many other artifacts, African masks, Japanese figurines and a plethora of musical instruments await you—Simply click here or on the collection link above to start your tour.

Not every artifact in our care is displayed online; some are in storage, and many are housed in buildings on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. This real world 'museum without walls' offers an eclectic collection of artifacts from African, Latin American, Native American and Pacific cultures, and even a few of European origin. We welcome the public, faculty and students to visit anytime the University buildings are open; Exhibits are self-guided.

The museum is committed to maintaining and making available artifacts related to traditional and primary cultures around the world for research, study, curriculum support and individual enjoyment by interested members of the learning community.


Chinese Cloth Doll
Doll, cloth covered with wooden shoes; red patterned pants, cotton patterned belted jacket, black string hair, pinned hat; painted oriental features on cloth face; came from Margarite Ball to donor's children.

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