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Faces of Randall: October!

Name: Christopher Rhodes

Title: Facility Coordinator

What that means: Christopher is in charge of the daily facility-related operations of the library—in other words, just about everything having to do with the building itself. This includes space management, card and key access, maintenance issues and reports, furniture acquisition, and space planning.

Favorite book: The Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. He read it in high school, and it was the first book that truly blew his mind.

Favorite place in the library: Christopher loves the entire library, and having to choose just one part would feel like Solomon asking the two mothers to choose one half of a baby. That being said, he especially loves the library the day after final exams when he and his team can put the building back together!

If you could instantly learn any one (real) skill, what would it be and why?:
Christopher would learn to sing and play the piano perfectly, specifically so that he could perform musical theater. That said, he’s an admirer of music of all types. (Asking about his favorite musical got a similar result to asking about his favorite spot in the library.)

About Christopher:
Like many of those we’ve interviewed, Christopher’s path at Randall Library has been a winding one, starting eight and a half years ago with a temp position in December of 2010 focusing on facilities and event management. This position grew into a full-time facilities and cultural events coordinator position, and he has recently shifted his focus full time to facilities. Though he’s been here in Wilmington for some time now, Christopher lived in New York City for fourteen years. He considers it a second home, and goes back to visit often.

When Christopher was 18 he wanted to impress a new friend by learning the lyrics to the Pet Shop Boy’s “West End Girls.” Here are his handwritten practice lyrics so you can sing along: https://500px.com/randalllib/galleries/christopher