Faces of Randall

Faces of Randall

We love our Randall Library staff, so for this month's Human Library please give some love to our Coordinator of Liaison Librarian Services, Stephanie Crowe.

Name: Stephanie Crowe (@shcrowe on Twitter)

Title: Coordinator of Liaison Librarian Services.

What that means: Liaison librarians are the links between Randall Library and academic departments, helping students, staff, and faculty in those departments with research and other library-related needs. Stephanie coordinates our liaison program. She’s also the liaison librarian to five departments: Anthropology, History, International Studies, Public and International Affairs, and Sociology/Criminology.

Favorite book and current read: Stephanie is currently reading The Rosie Project, the story of a genetics professor setting out in a very orderly, evidence-based way to determine if he is capable of love. Her favorite book of all time, though, is Pride and Prejudice.

Favorite place in the library: Special Collections! It’s a completely different atmosphere than anywhere else in the building and has amazing collections (as does University Archives). Stephanie was a history major and feels archival research is far and away the most fun type of research. (Yes, really.)

If you could travel to any fictional world, which one would you go to and why?: She’d go to Arendelle (the world in which the movie Frozen is set) because her four-year-old daughter would never forgive her if she had the opportunity to see Elsa in person and didn’t take it. Also because, when it’s not under constant blizzard conditions, it seems pretty idyllic.

About Stephanie: Stephanie has just been in her current position as Coordinator of Liaison Librarian Services since July of 2019, but she’s been at Randall Library since 2013. She started as a general Research and Instructional Services Librarian, and then moved into being the Social Sciences Librarian. Her extracurricular skills are just as varied as her titles. Stephanie was also the table tennis champion at her middle school (a title she nabbed by winning a tournament in gym class), though she added that her ping pong skills probably peaked then, too. She can count to ten in six languages but isn’t fluent in any of them other than English. BONUS: Stephanie’s favorite non-fictional place is Tanglewood in the Berkshires, pictured here: https://ccsearch.creativecommons.org/photos/870bfe12-e1d6-445b-9226-21d970ccfcd3