2019 FlashLIT winner banner

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 FlashLIT Contest!

The theme this year was "WATER" and our judges were impressed by how student writers were able to draw out the relevancy of this important topic in such short and powerful pieces.

First Place:  Mary Wheelehan: “Metamorphosis”

Second Place: Brandi Simmons : “Drowned Academia”

Third Place: Ricki Nelson : “4,000 Miles”


The judges also selected 14 pieces to be included alongside the winners in this year's FlashLIT anthology which is designed by students in the ART 365 and illustrated by ART 260 students.

(alphabetical by author's last name)

Honorable Mentions:

Diana Clark: “At Seventeen I Found God in a Swimming Pool”

Nathan Conroy: “Water Film”

Gabrielle DeSopo: “Surpassing Distance”

Paul Dickerson: “Porchfish”

Lauren Fulcher: “Questions I Can’t Answer Before the Storm”

Bryan Jewell: “Upriver”

Makenna Judy: “Ocean at the End of the Universe”

Thomas Koehler: “I Dreamed the Sea”

Justine Lang: “Fish Out of Water”

Bo Miller: “What Water Said”

Rebecca Spiegel: “The Water”

Rachel Taube: “If the Water”

Loganne Van Veen: “Avoid the Cracks”

Sidney Wollmuth: “Traces of Water in Wilmington”


***PLEASE NOTE*** The celebration of this year's winners, contributors, publishers, and artists will he held on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30 p.m.



For more information about the contest, please see: Reading & Reception  or  Facebook


Randall Library's FlashLIT Contest Begins Now!

This year, instead of the traditional Flash Fiction, the annual spring writing contest will be temporarily renamed FlashLIT to include any genre of writing you would like to submit. FlashLIT is an expansion of Flash Fiction, a hallmark event for applied learning at UNCW and the entire student body is invited to participate.This is a writing competition where contestants have one week to write 500 words (or less) on a given theme. Poetry, research essays, creative non-fiction, short stories – all kinds of writing are welcome! One other important detail: your entry must incorporate Randall Library. (Detailed rules and regulations below)

Once all the submissions are judged, three top winners are chosen along with a number of honorable mentions. These entries are subsequently illustrated by ART 260 students and the book will be designed by ART 365 students. The top three winners are also awarded cash prizes, First prize - $200.00; Second prize - $150.00; Third prize - $100.00 (applied to their ONE cards). 

On Tuesday, April 23th, there will be a reading reception to celebrate the FlashLIT 2019 collection.

This year’s Theme: WATER

Why WATER? Water is critical to sustaining life and is omnipresent in our lives. Recent and ongoing events remind us of our relationship with water, for better or worse. Last year, UNCW felt the overwhelming power of water when Hurricane Florence battered our shores and campus in September 2018. Wilmington is uniquely situated, surrounded by the Intracoastal Waterway, the Cape Fear River, and the Atlantic Ocean. In this region, water is always on our minds! 

As you bond with the theme, also keep in mind that February 7th is International Periodic Table Day, and that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table.  The two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, form this wondrous thing we call water. Further, March 22nd is World Water Day, an initiative to have safe drinking water for the entire world. Undoubtedly, water is one of the most important substances on Earth. In the wake of global, national, and local issues, water has always been a recurring theme due to pollution, global warming, flooding, and scarcity. Globally, there is a lack of clean water in developing countries.  Nationally, Flint, Michigan still struggles with receiving clean drinking water.  Locally, we are contending with GenX contamination.

For these reasons, and many more, we chose water as this year’s contest theme.  How will you incorporate water and Randall Library into your FlashLIT entry?

FlashLIT Contest Rules
If any of these rules are not followed your submission will be automatically disqualified.

  • Must be a UNCW student, currently enrolled.
  • 500 words or less.
  • Must include theme WATER. Must mention Randall Library.
  • Double spaced.
  • 12 pt., Times New Roman.
  • 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Use one tab to indicate every paragraph indent.
  • Submissions due by Wednesday, February 6th at 5:00 p.m.
  • Four (4) hard copies delivered to the Randall Library Circulation Desk.  
  • Note:  The circulation desk is ONLY a drop- off point.  No information about the contest will be available from Circulation Staff.
  • Each copy MUST have a cover sheet with name, phone, and 850 number. DO NOT include name or personal information on actual submission.
  • One entry per student

If your entry is selected, the following regulations must be adhered to:

  • An emailed .doc version of your submission. DO NOT save as .docx.
  • Section breaks should be notated by (***).
  • Turn off all auto-formatting features (such as automatic paragraph indenting, outlining, bullet points).
  • Enter only one space after terminal punctuation. If you used two spaces, search/replace to update your file.
  • For dashes, use em-dash character with no space on either side, or use two hyphens, and we’ll search and replace the em-dash during typesetting.
  • For any special characters or glyphs, such as trademark symbols, accents, or irregular punctuation, please note them by highlighting them in yellow with MS Word's "text highlight color" feature. 
  • If you'd like to include a special character or a glyph but you don't know how to set it, please submit a hardcopy of your story with specific instructions for the placement and type of special character to be inserted.
  • Files should be saved as follows: lastname_firstname.doc.

      NOTE: Edits and revisions will NOT be allowed after submissions, nor will the publisher have time to check your work. Take care that your piece is fully edited and perfected before submitting.

      NOTE: If your submission is selected for publication, you will be required to sign the following release: Release for Use of Student Work

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