FlashLIT 2021 Cancellation Statement

FlashLIT Cancellation Statement

The 1898 Wilmington Coup d’Etat and Massacre was a horrific event and an indelible stain on our city’s, state’s, and country’s history, and we as a community need to understand the events of the Coup and their legacy as we fight against systemic racism. Our intent in choosing 1898 as a theme for this year’s FlashLIT writing contest was to provide a forum for students to engage with and confront that history.

Responses to our announcement of this year’s topic made us realize, however, that we did not provide appropriate context for the topic choice, and we are deeply sorry.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the program and the timeframe required, we cannot thoughtfully and respectfully reconceptualize FlashLIT and so it will be canceled for this semester. 
We are incredibly grateful to those of you who brought your concerns to us, and we hope that we can continue a dialogue about FlashLIT and other Randall programming. The events of 1898 are a topic that we as a University community need to continue to reckon with, and we hope that together we can create opportunities to do so.  

Randall Library
February 12, 2021