Love Data Week events at UNCW, February 14-18, 2022

UNCW presents Love Date Week  February 14-18

UNCW Randall Library and Research & Innovation are hosting Love Data Week (February 14-18, 2022), an international celebration of data. Join us for a series of online workshops, panels, and spotlights about research data that will be spread out throughout the week to build campus community and highlight various aspects of data. For a list of the events, visit: 

About the Events

This year’s theme is “Data is for everyone.” Data does not have to be overwhelming and scary. We ask you to spend some time considering the people behind the data. What does a researcher do in order to collect data, deidentify data, or write a data management plan? How can data be taught to students? What data tools are available to utilize? These sessions are targeted at helping to introduce you to new ideas and shake off some mysteries in your research data and teaching workflow.

Notably, this year’s theme regarding the people behind the data can also mean those participating in your study. How might data collection become biased or require specific security? The Data Management Plan session includes panelists from different disciplines, who will point out how their different data needs require different data management. The Deidentifying Data session will go over how you can shield disclosure of your study participants, which can be particularly relevant for future research, as populations may increasingly feel uncomfortable participating or providing true responses. These sessions will help think about protecting private information about people.

This year’s events include:

  •     Data Spotlights at the UNCW Digital Makerspace
  •     Randall Library and DEel Virtual Coffee Hour – Introduction to Data Literacy
  •     Citizen Science: Engaging Community Participation in Data Collection
  •     Research Computing Updates at UNCW
  •     Deidentifying Data: A Primer on Disclosure Risk
  •     Who “Knows” Me?: Data Privacy and Online Behavior
  •     Tips for Writing an Effective Data Management Plan

To register for these events at:  

Join the Global Conversation

Various institutions besides UNCW are celebrating Love Data Week. You can find out more about Love Data Week, and see—and attend!—other institutions’ events, at

Throughout the week, feel free to tweet or post about interesting things you’ve learned about data! Use the hashtag #LoveData22.  


If you require a reasonable accommodation to enjoy and participate in these events, or if you have questions or feedback, please direct your inquiries to Lynnee Argabright, Research Data Librarian at UNCW (ArgabrightL [at]

Event/Exhibit Information
February 14, 2022 - 12:00am