Open Access Week 2021: Author Spotlight #2

Open Access Week 2021: Author Spotlight #2

OA Fund Recipient Spotlight: Brock Ternes, Dept of Sociology and Criminology

Dr Ternes's article, Technological Spaces in the Semi-Arid High Plains: Examining Well Ownership and Investment in Water-Saving Appliances, was published in the open access journal Water. Read it here: 

Research summary from the authors:

"Around the planet, groundwater supplies face precipitous declines. As global warming intensifies droughts, the diminishment of aquifers (underground reservoirs of freshwater) will continue to create water shortages. In his article, “Technological Spaces in the Semi-Arid High Plains,” Brock Ternes explores how owning a private water well changes the relationships between awareness of water supplies and the use of water-saving devices. He finds that well owners and those with higher awareness of water supplies are more likely own water-saving appliances than non-well owners and those with lower awareness levels.  As climate becomes less predictable, communities prone to drought must acquire a precise understanding of the public’s utilization of water-saving technologies to prepare for a new hydrologic reality defined by more frequent and intense water shortages."

Why did you decide to publish open access?

"The journal Water publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts on water science, technology, and water resource management. It is free for readers and offers its authors high visibility and wide recognition across a multitude of fields. When I was writing my manuscript, Water put out a call for manuscripts for a Special Issue, “Advances in Ecohydrology for Water Resources Optimization in Arid and Semi-arid Areas.” I felt that my research would be right at home in that issue, so I immediately got to work. Days later, Randall Library announced its pilot program to reimburse UNCW researchers who publish in Open Access Journals. Water’s special issue deadlines and the availability of Open Access Publishing funds coincided perfectly and the timing simply couldn’t have been better."

What advice do you have for others who want to publish open access?

"Many open access journals offer rapid publication. Thanks to the responsiveness of the editors, reviewers, and typesetters, my manuscript was published online five weeks after submitting it. The revise-and-resubmit deadlines were very strict and demanding. Be ready for an intense, brisk R&R stage. If you can clear your calendar and totally prioritize the manuscript, you can get your contributions published and widely distributed with breakneck speed."  

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