Open Access Week 2021: Author Spotlight #3

Open Access Week 2021: Author Spotlight #3
OA Fund Recipient Spotlight: Kate Nooner, Dept of Psychology‚Äč

Dr Nooner's article, Retaining Adolescent and Young Adult Participants in Research During a Pandemic: Best Practices From Two Large-Scale Developmental Neuroimaging Studies (NCANDA and ABCD), was published in the open access journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. Read it here:

Research summary from the authors:

"The APC fund-supported work focused on keeping adolescents and young adults involved in longitudinal research projects during the pandemic. Unfortunately, alcohol and substance use problems that start in adolescence can continue throughout a lifetime and have serious negative consequences. This paper gave suggestions to researchers working with adolescents and young adults in alcohol and substance use-related research on keeping participants from dropping out of studies during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Sadly, during the pandemic, rates of alcohol intoxication and overdose increased. Because of this increase in alcohol and substance use during the pandemic, researchers need to continue to follow participants to understand what is going on and find the best solutions. The paper published with APC funded-support gave specific suggestions for researchers to successfully keep up with adolescent and young adult participants during the pandemic, especially in alcohol and substance use studies. Doing so is our best chance of reducing problematic alcohol and substance use during and after the pandemic. "

Why did you decide to publish open access?

"Because this topic was related to the COVID-19 pandemic and could have global implications, it was critical to publish in open access. This open format of publishing allows researchers worldwide to read our paper and benefit from the suggestions, which in turn can help save lives from problematic substance use. Also, a component of the article involves increasing diversity, access, and inclusion. Researchers from less affluent countries often cannot gain access to papers, which was another reason that open access was vital for us. With open access, any researcher could access our article and apply the recommendations."

What advice do you have for others who want to publish open access?
"If others want to publish in open access journals, they should seek peer-review journals with an impact factor and reputable publishing practices."

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