Practice Writing a Data Management Plan


As funders are increasingly asking for Data Management Plans as part of grant applications, drafting this document well will increase researchers’ project competitiveness, in addition to generally preparing researchers for better management of their data. As of January 2023, all NIH grants now require Data Management Plans, for example. Data Management Plans templates have specific questions that funders expect will be addressed. In this two hour in-person workshop, time will be provided for researchers to work on drafting quality answers to these template questions. Guidance for each topic question will be provided, and experts will be available for hands-on support during writing time.

About the Facilitator
Nina Exner, PhD, MLS, is the Research Data Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Exner consults nationally about the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, and has been invited to speak on the DMS Policy to researchers at the AAMC's Research Technology group, the HEAL initiative data stewards, and FASEB DataWorks. She is the chair of the DMPTool's Working Group on the NIH Template and was appointed this year as the NNLM National Center for Data Services inaugural NCDS Ambassador for her work on the NIH DMS policy.

Date: Monday, February 13 at 3:00-5:00pm
Location: McNeill Hall, Room 1051-B --this is on the first floor and signs make easy to find
Facilitator: Nina Exner

Event/Exhibit Information
February 13, 2023 - 3:00pm