Recharge @ Randall Fall 2020 (Virtual Edition)

Recharge @ Randall Fall 2020 (Virtual Edition)

Welcome to the Recharge @ Randall (Virtual Edition) - November 23, 2020

It's the end of the semester and Randall Library wants to help you RECHARGE! We hope Recharge @ Randall will help you power through the end of this difficult semester. We are offering activities to help you de-stress, take a mental or physical break, and simply have a little fun. There are scheduled activities (see times below) as well as activities you can do any time!

Zen Zone (All Day)

This virtual space is a stress-free zone, where you’ll find various activities related to relaxation, de-stressing, self-care, and more. Inside the Zone, you will be able to play games, watch cute animal videos, study with a beautiful study escape, post and share inspirational comments to classmates, or pop virtual bubble wrap, open a virtual fortune cookie, and much more! See a full list of activities below.   

Activities: Affirmations & Gratitude | Brain Games | Bubble Wrap | Coloring | Cartoons & Anime | Crafting | Cute Animals | Focused Breathing | Fortune Cookie | De-Stress Tips | Games | Life Hacks | Meditation | Movies | Painting | Stretching | Study Escapes | Study Music | Wall of Inspiration | Whiteboard | 

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Escape 2020  (Starts at Noon)

You’re studying for finals in the library when you notice your friends disappearing one by one. It seems like someone’s messing with the timeline in a doomed attempt to fix 2020—and you have to track them down to stop them before it’s too late! Test your skills in this virtual escape room; the first person to finish the game successfully wins a $25 Amazon gift card!  

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The Wall of Inspiration (All Day)

Share the love by posting an inspirational and motivational post to the Wall of Inspiration to encourage and uplift your fellow Seahawks during finals. Faculty and staff are encouraged to post too!

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Pep Talks via Zoom (2:00 to 4:00 p.m.)

Do exams have you stressed?!  In need of a pick-me-up?  If so, let us cheer you on! Any time between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., we welcome you to drop in for a pep talk or chat with a library staff member.  We would love to hear from you!  Click the link to join the session. 

Hi! Let's Chat. 

|Meeting ID: 830 8019 3693 | Password: 361315|

Meditation Sessions via Zoom (10:00 a.m., Noon, & 7:00 p.m.)

If ever there were a time to take a pause in your day, it’s now. Each session is led by a different UNCW faculty/staff member, so feel free to join all three for a short break in your day. A brief introduction to the concept and practices of mindfulness, along with campus resources to support your practice, will be shared followed by a short (~10 minute) guided mindfulness exercise. For those who are interested and would like to stay, a question and answer period will follow. You got this, Seahawks. We are here to help. 

10:00 a.m.: Michele Deinish, Staff Counselor, In Harmony Programs Coordinator, UNCW Counseling Center

MICHELE is a licensed clinician and staff counselor at the UNCW Counseling Center. She also coordinates the Counseling Center’s mind, body, spirit, In Harmony, programs and teaches Honor’s 120: The Art of Mindful Living. Michele is passionate about teaching others the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and guiding them in their own mindfulness practice. With mindfulness we practice having a Beginner’s Mind; always staying curious to what we are experiencing in the present moment. Letting go of judgment, even for a short time, can be freeing! 

Join Session | Meeting ID: 823 0380 1702 | Password: mindful

Noon: Beverly McGuire, Professor of East Asian Religions, UNCW

BEVERLEY is a Professor of East Asian Religions at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She has a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University, an M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School, and a B.A. from Stanford University. She is a certified mindfulness teacher (through the Mindfulness Training Institute) and a certified yoga teacher (through Wilmington Yoga Center). Regularly scheduled Midday Mindfulness (

Join Session | Meeting ID: 876 5401 4259 | Password: mindful

7:00 p.m.: Jacquelyn Lee, Ph.D., LCSW Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, UNCW

JACQUELYN is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and joined UNCW in 2012. At UNCW, Dr. Lee has developed a course on mindfulness and regularly incorporates mindfulness, self-compassion, self-care, and resilience into her teaching; she is also a lead developer of the Mindful UNCW and Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series on Mindfulness initiatives. Dr. Lee is trained in a variety of clinical and non-clinical mindfulness-based interventions, having learned from leaders in the field including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer, and Steven Hayes, and trainers at the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre in Oxford, England. Dr. Lee earned her doctorate in social work in 2012 from the University of Georgia and holds graduate certificates in university teaching; alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD); and gerontology.
Join Session Meeting ID: 822 5358 4916 | Password: mindful


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November 23, 2020 - 12:00am