Big Changes at Randall Library

 ‚ÄčSpring 2018 Facility Updates

Three major facilities projects are scheduled to begin or reach completion at Randall Library during the spring semester. Although these efforts may cause temporary disruptions in the library, the improvements will upgrade Randall facilities and enhance service spaces. The projects are:

- Replacement of Fire Alarm system
- Completion of a Digital Makerspace
- Preparation to Install New Restrooms

For project information and updates, please see related signage in the library and follow the Randall Library Facebook page and Twitter feed#randallimprovements 



Starting in late January, contractors will begin replacing the Randall Library fire alarm system. The scope of this project is large and will take several months to complete. How will this affect you?

  • Crews will be working throughout the library, section by section, to run conduit necessary for the fire alarm installation.
  • Certain areas of the library may be cordoned off or noisy at times.
  • When possible, the work will be conducted during non-peak hours to reduce disruption.

The construction of a Digital Makerspace is nearing completion, and furniture and equipment will be installed in the coming weeks. A grand opening is planned for later in the spring semester. How will this project affect you?

  • Crews may be working in the area outside TAC and the iPrint Business area; some noise and disruption is expected.
  • When complete, students will have access to new technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and more.

Construction of new restrooms on both the first and second floor will begin in the summer of 2018, which will help minimize disruptions for library users and operations. In the meantime, how will this affect you?

  • To prepare for the future location of the restrooms on the first floor, several offices have been relocated, which resulted in the loss of 2 second floor group study rooms (RL2073, RL2080).
  • For the spring semester, we have added a new group study room on the first floor (RL1046D).
  • We have also created additional study space on the first floor (RL1046).
  • By fall 2018, when the restrooms are complete, we will add three new group study rooms on the first floor.

Your questions and concerns are welcome! Please email us at libref [at] (subject: Randall%20Improvements)  and we will respond as soon as possible.