Wentworth Fellows Poster Session

Wentworth Fellows Showcase

Meet the Fellows in person Wednesday, October 8, 2-4 pm

The Wentworth Fellowship, a gift of Mr. Charles F. Green III, was established in 2001 to enable a select number of students to travel to sites, in America or abroad, associated with literary authors and texts. This year's recipients traveled to places as far as Japan and Argentina. For more information about Wentworth Travel Fellowships, visit this link here.

Presenting this year are: Elizabeth Bernardo, Brittney Knotts, John Osborne, Roxy Simons, Chris Hathaway, Samantha Taylor, Henry (Hank) Blanton, Melissa Stone, and Alexandra (Alex) Doria

Please stop by the Randall Library information table at 3 pm on October 8th to learn about how Randall Library can provide support and assistance to you when you embark on a research project, or you can also visit the library resources webpage to learn how we can support projects like this!

Caylee Reid visits home of author Virginia Woolf, London, England I

Meet the Fellows in our digital gallery

Gallery includes bios of the scholars, student written profiles of the scholars, and various photographs from recent trips. The Wentworth Scholar Digital Gallery can be viewed here.

Special thanks to English Faculty member, and Wentworth Fellowship committee chair, Dr. Alex Porco, and to Kimi Faxon Hemingway and her journalism students.

Event/Exhibit Information
October 8, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Randall Library First Floor