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Wilcox Underbelly

The first floor of Randall Library is now home to Art & Art History Associate Professor Aaron Wilcox's exceptional sculpture "Underbelly."

From the artist: 

"Underbelly exists in a larger pattern of work that uses porcelain and zip ties to make connections between disparate materials and ideas. Imbedded in all of the work is the embrace of the tradition of ceramics. The ancient ways of working and approach to the material in a specific way that exploits its plasticity and transformative characteristics, is the driving force. I address function specifically, but outside of the bounds of utility, by looking at relationships between parts, the impact of forces on the work like tension, friction, and gravity, and the activities of making; rolling, wrapping, stretching, binding--all ideas that are captured within the work."

Learn more about Aaron Wilcox and his work. 

At Randall Library, we pride ourselves on our commitment to showcasing art from southeastern North Carolina, especially works from our valued students and faculty, past and present. 


Event/Exhibit Information
January 17, 2017 (All day)
Randall Library, First Floor