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Your Ideas Needed

We would like to hear your ideas on how we could improve or expand our building! The Library is developing a concept paper that outlines a vision for modifications within the existing Library facility and a renovated and expanded Library facility and your input is needed.



I'd love it if the library could open up the entrance toward College Road... A map over the different rooms and the facilities in the lobby area would be nice, it's a big building and some times we need to find our way fast More lounge-y feeling areas Oh, and the PCJ kids are doing a great job, super fast and sweet, despite the high volume traffic they receive. Kudos!

I don't use the library as much in graduate school, but appreciate some of the changes... like the study 'pods' on the first floor between the coffee shop and the bathrooms. I think the bathrooms need to be bigger. On the 2nd floor - it's hard to find your way around, so more signage would be helpful. The Honors department seems very cramped and dark and could use some more space.

What I'd like to see the most is the ceilings raised and more natural light let in. Fluorescent light hums and hurts my eyes, can it be replaced with energy saving tungsten light? The study rooms are very noisy, understandably. Would it be possible to have separate areas for large groups and for those of just two who study together quietly. Thank you for asking. Toni