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Policy under review – 2018

Public programs are a vital part of Randall Library’s engagement with its users, fostering an awareness and understanding of history, culture and society through creative and programs that stimulate, engage and inspire people. This policy outlines the Library’s approach to public programs and exhibits and the framework within which public programs and exhibits are managed. Audiences participate in onsite, offsite and web-based programs and exhibits that educate and entertain them using a diversity of interpretive strategies appropriate to the various needs and interests of the participants. The policy, procedure and forms are for UNCW campus affiliates (including Randall Library staff and partners) and Wilmington community members who would like to plan public programming and/or exhibits at Randall Library.

Public programming may include the following types of activities

  • Exhibit
  • Panel Discussion
  • Reading
  • Showcase / Poster Session
  • Workshop


The Randall Library Programming & Exhibits Team (PET) supports Randall Library’s mission by organizing and delivering cultural programming and exhibits that support the scholarship and artistic activities of the UNCW community. The public programs and exhibits highlight and promote the diverse holdings and scholarly value of the Library, and allow Randall Library to engage in collaborative projects with university affiliates and the Wilmington community.

The PET adheres to the American Library Association Bill of Rights.


  • Promote the role of the library, its collections, resources, services, and staff as central to the research and teaching programs of the university
  • Nourish intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth
  • Educate the university community on particular topics
  • Enhance the strategic mission and goals of the Library and UNCW
  • Support university events, programs, symposia, activities, and accomplishments
  • Promote university and community relations
  • Recognize Library supporters, friends, and donors

Role of PET

The PET is comprised of Library employees, and is chaired by the Library’s Facility Coordinator & Cultural Activities Liaison. The PET is charged with overseeing core programming and exhibits in Randall Library (or hosted elsewhere) including making procedural decisions related to spaces, content, and installation; reviewing and approving proposals for exhibits; identifying and cultivating ideas for exhibits and partnerships; and managing exhibit supplies and resources. The PET is also responsible for creating and maintaining a Randall Library programming and exhibits calendar.

Partnering with Randall Library

Partnering with Randall Library for programming and exhibits has many benefits. Randall Library is a heavily trafficked facility and used by a wide mix of campus stakeholders. Library staff have forged and maintained excellent relationships with our colleagues across campus, including the Office of University Relations (OUR). In addition to the PET, Randall Library also has an in-house Digital and Visual Media Coordinator and Marketing Team to assist with exhibit materials, event promotion, and other support materials connected with specific programming initiatives.

Randall Library works with OUR to make sure all campus calendars are up to date with correct programming and exhibits information regardless of the type of event.

Examples of specific ways the PET will help with programming and exhibits follow.

For Exhibits

  • The PET will assign one main contact person per exhibit.
  • The PET will be responsible for the installation and de-installation of all exhibits as long as the materials for the exhibit are delivered to the Library no later than 1 week before the exhibition opens.
  • The PET will fund and produce background vinyl, labels, and signage for approved exhibitions as well as provide installation materials in concert with campus carpenters (if needed).
  • The PET will collaborate with you on an opening reception/event including refreshments, speakers, etc. (all events at Randall Library are free of charge and alcohol cannot be served)

For Showcase / Poster Session

  • The PET will assign one main contact person per showcase / poster session.
  • The PET will coordinate the movement of furniture in preparation for individual showcases.
  • The PET will provide sound equipment.
  • The PET will provide proper signage and wayfinding.
  • The PET will provide marketing as needed.

For Workshops

  • The PET will assign one main contact person per workshop.
  • The PET will partner with Randall Library Information Systems and Technology to have necessary and reasonable software installed.
  • The PET will photocopy materials and make materials available digitally.
  • The PET will work with the Library Administration office to order refreshments.
  • The PET will provide marketing as needed.

In return, the PET has specific expectations of its partners.

  • Programming and exhibit partners are expected to attend 1-2 scheduled meetings with their assigned PET contact.
  • Programming and exhibits partners are responsible for meeting installation requirements. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the time and space allocated for the exhibit. Materials must be removed promptly at the close of the exhibit period. If the exhibitor cannot meet the schedule agreed upon, the contact for PET should be notified immediately to make arrangements for the dismantling of the exhibit. Materials that have not been picked up after 1 week will either become part of the Library’s collection or discarded.
  •  Programming and exhibits partners are responsible for providing brief descriptions of marketing needs and delivery dates.
  • To insure that the PET has time to coordinate with the Randall Library designers in concert with the OUR (if needed), content for labels and signage, that is edited copy and images, must be submitted three weeks prior to the opening of the exhibition. Applicants who wish to submit pre-designed signage to be produced by Randall Library designers must supply their design two weeks prior to the exhibit opening but pre-designed materials must conform to specific formatting requirements as outlined by Randall Library designers and are subject to approval by OUR. All signage created for marketing must adhere to the OUR Brand Identity Guide (BIG) or Materials.

Randall Library Programming and Exhibits Spaces

Space available for programming and exhibits. Visit http://library.uncw.edu/policies/locations_exhibit_space for more information.

First Floor

  • Sherman Hayes Gallery
  • Other spaces

Second Floor

  • Second Floor Gallery
  • Sundial Gallery
  • Other spaces

Please check calendar for availability of spaces:  http://library.uncw.edu/events_exhibits (be sure to check both Events AND Exhibits calendar)

Proposal Submission and Review

The PET plans a calendar one year in advance of each academic year and is first and foremost responsible for planning the Library’s core programming and exhibits. The PET also considers proposals for programming and exhibits from members of the UNCW or Wilmington communities. Proposals must meet the PET’s purpose, fit into the PET calendar, and into available accommodating space.

To submit a proposal, please fill out this online form.

Review Process

  • The PET reviews proposals once a month.
  • Notifications are made by email.

For the Approved Applicant

  • An email confirmation of programming details will be sent to each applicant.
  • Applicants must respond within 7 business days.
  • Applicant(s) will be assigned a PET representative who will work with them throughout the programming process.


For questions or more information, contact Christopher Rhodes, Facility Coordinator & Cultural Activities Liaison, and Chair of Randall Library’s Programming and Exhibits Committee, at (910) 962-7474 or rhodesc [at] uncw.edu.

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