Graduate Theses and Dissertations

ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

The Graduate School at UNCW requires Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). All graduate students producing master’s theses or doctoral dissertations are required to follow the UNCW Graduate School Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Manual (SharePoint). Once the ETDs are received and approved by the Graduate School, they will be transferred to Randall Library where they will be published on the Internet and cataloged in the Randall Library catalog, providing searchability and full-text Web access according to the release options selected by each author on the UNCW Graduate School Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Form (SharePoint).

As of 2020, doctoral dissertations will be made available in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database. The service is free of charge for authors unless they opt for add on features such as printed copies or copyright registration. Doctoral students can upload dissertations using the following process:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Submission Steps

  1. Create an account on the ProQuest submission site Be sure to use an email address that you check regularly (including your junk/spam folder) to prevent delays. Once the account is confirmed, you can log in and complete the following steps at any time.
  2. Read and review the information on the ProQuest Instructions page to answer any questions that you may have as you prepare to submit your thesis or dissertation. Read and agree to the ProQuest Publishing Agreement.
  3. Provide the requested contact information. Be sure to include current, accurate information. 
  4. Provide the requested information on the ProQuest Dissertation/Thesis Details page.
  5. Upload the PDF file of your thesis or dissertation and then any supplemental files (optional), such as data files, graphics, and music or video files. See PDF FAQs for more information.
  6. Choose whether or not you would like ProQuest to file a copyright on your behalf (may result in additional costs).
  7. Choose whether or not you would like to purchase printed copies of your document (you may order your copies through the ProQuest site at the time of submission or at a later date).
  8. Pay for any applicable fees with a credit card.
  9. Submit your document using the Submit Dissertation/Thesis button.

Some UNCW electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are restricted to local use only. Local use is defined as reading/viewing a thesis from on-campus wired and wireless networks authorized for student, faculty, and staff as well as through the use of UNCW's VPN   . ETDs with this restriction have the following note in the online catalog record: Access to electronic thesis is limited to University of North Carolina Wilmington campus users.

Hard-Copy Theses, Dissertations and Final Projects
Graduate School Theses and Dissertations

Since 2008, the Graduate School has required theses and dissertations in electronic format, and no longer provides Randall Library with a printed copy for binding and housing.  Theses and dissertations produced prior to 2008 are available in the print format in the library's circulating General Collection and in the University Archives.

Graduate Liberal Studies Program Final Projects

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program (GLS) requires that each student submit an electronic copy of their final project, along with a complete release form that specifies the web publishing permission.

Departmental copy of Theses, Dissertations and Final Projects

Students should consult with their advisor and department chair if departments have additional submission requirements.


For more information, please contact Gary Moore, Lead Cataloging Librarian.


Reviewed April 2024.