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ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

The Graduate School at UNCW requires Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). All graduate students producing master’s theses or doctoral dissertations are required to follow the UNCW Graduate School Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Manual. Randall Library catalogs UNCW theses and dissertations in the Randall Library catalog and in Seahawk DOCKS, providing full-text Web access according to the conditions selected in the UNCW Graduate School Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Form.


Some UNCW electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are restricted to local use only. Local use is defined as reading/viewing a thesis from an on-campus computer. Theses with this restriction have the following note in the online catalog record: Access to electronic thesis is limited to University of North Carolina Wilmington campus users.

Hard-Copy Theses, Dissertations and Final Projects
Graduate School Theses and Dissertations

With the Graduate School requiring ETDs, it no longer provides Randall Library with a printed copy for binding and housing in University Archives.

Graduate Liberal Studies Program Final Projects

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program (GLS) (http://www.uncw.edu/gls/curriculum-gls598.html) requires that each student submit three (3) copies of his/her final project for binding to the GLS Program Director. See the guidelines at http://www.uncw.edu/gls/curriculum-gls598.html#VII. The GLS Program Director will deliver the copies to be bound to spencerj [at] uncw.edu (June Spencer-Francis) (910-962-4286) in the Technical Services Department of Randall Library. Please include copies of supplementary materials, i.e. slides, photographs, CDs, discs, videos, etc. All copies must be in correct page order. Library and bindery staff members do NOT check page order. After binding, one copy will be cataloged for the University Archives and another copy will be cataloged for the library's circulating General Collection. The third copy will be returned to the GLS office. The Library will pay binding costs for the two library copies and invoice Graduate Liberal Studies for their copy.

Departmental copy of Theses, Dissertations and Final Projects

Academic departments may want hard copies of theses, dissertations, or final projects for their own departmental collections. If so, students may follow the Guidelines for Printed Theses and Dissertations, which is linked from the Graduate School website, or the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) Final Project Instructions, which is linked on the GLS website.

Each department should appoint someone from the office (such as department chair, graduate coordinator, or departmental administrative assistant) to gather hard copies from students. Students should bring their hard copies to this departmental contact person before graduation. Then, the departmental contact person should call or email spencerj [at] uncw.edu (June Spencer-Francis) (910-962-4286) in the Library Technical Services Department to set up a delivery time and to ensure that someone will be available to receive the material.

The Library will bind the departmental copies at the expense of each department. The Library will deliver the bound theses, dissertations or final projects to the department when returned from the bindery.

Personal copy/copies

Students and faculty may want additional copies bound for personal use. If so, students and faculty should contact a professional bindery to arrange for binding personal copies.

The HF Group is used by UNCW as it is on state contract, and you may contact it regarding personal copies. The HF Group cannot offer state contract rates for personal copies.

The HF Group
6204 Corporate Park Drive
Browns Summit, NC 27214-9745

The following bindery is also on state contract and offers binding on demand services.

Bridgeport National Bindery
PO Box 289
Agawam, MA 01001-0289

Other thesis and dissertation bindery websites can be found on the web by searching "thesis (bindery or binding)."

For more information, please contact benedettis [at] uncw.edu (Susannah Benedetti) or spencerj [at] uncw.edu (June Spencer-Francis).

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