Honors Papers

Randall Library serves as the repository for UNCW Honors Papers. Students must submit two printed copies for the Randall Library General Collection and the Randall Library Archives, respectively and one digital version in .pdf or .doc/.docx for digital archiving.

The two copies for the library must be printed on 100% cotton fiber paper. I-Print (first floor Randall Library) on campus will bind the two copies in a transparent cover through which the title page shows. The Honors College will pay for the binding (not copying) of these two copies. Any additional bound copies of the paper must be paid for by the student. If the project is too large to be bound by I-Print, the student should have the copies bound at a copy center off campus and Honors will cover the cost of binding with proof of purchase (receipt). Please contact the Honors Office should this happen.

One .pdf or .doc/.docx file of the entire paper is also to be submitted to Honors at the same time the paper copies are submitted. The first page should show the title of the paper and the author's full name. If students and faculty supervisors want the paper searchable off-campus, they must complete the Online Availability Form. If not, then the paper will only be searchable on the UNCW campus via the Randall Library Digital Collections. More information about form requirements is on the Honors College Eligibility page.

If all requirements are satisfied, the papers and electronic file will be delivered by the Honors College Office to the Library Administrative Office for addition to the collection. The original copy becomes part of the University Archives. The second copy is added to the General Collection, and the digital copy will be added to the UNCW Honors Project Papers collection.