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 Randall Library Policy for Scheduling Rooms 1022 and 1039 for Non-Library Instruction

This policy defines the appropriate use of Randall Library rooms 1022 and 1039. These rooms are reserved for library instruction led by Randall Library librarians. In special circumstances, the rooms may be reserved by a full time UNCW faculty or staff member as outlined below.

  • Randall Library rooms #1022 and #1039 are reserved for library instruction and other Randall Library activities.
  • As library instruction activities are driven primarily by the needs of UNCW faculty, instruction sessions are not necessarily scheduled in advance. In some cases, faculty may request an instruction session for the following day. As such, it is not possible for non-Randall Library faculty or staff to reserve 1022 or 1039 during peak library instruction periods and times:
    • Fall semester (First day of classes through the end of November): M – F 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Spring semester (First day of classes through the end of April): M – F 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Outside of these times, if either room is available, it can be reserved on a first come first serve basis by the Associate Director of Academic Research and Engagement. It cannot be guaranteed that the request will be filled.
  • Academic departments cannot reserve either room for a semester long course.
  • If a UNCW instructor wishes to provide library instruction (without a librarian present) in either room he or she may contact their Liaison Librarian ( or contact the Associate Director of Academic Research and Engagement to determine availability of the room.
  • If library instruction cannot be accommodated due to a department’s or organization’s use of either room, the Coordinator of Instructional Services reserves the right to ask the department or organization to seek space in another facility.
  • Visitors of the room should adhere to the following guidelines when using either room:
    • Food and drink are NOT allowed in either room.
    • Please keep the room clean and neat.
    • Make sure all lights and computer monitors are turned off before exiting the room.
    • Log off the instructor workstation, turn off the document camera, and turn off the projector before exiting the room.
    • Computers cannot be reconfigured and no software may be added to or removed from any of the computers without prior permission from the Coordinator of Instructional Services
  • Neither room is available when the library is closed.
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to view the library’s hours and ensure that the request for use of the room falls during library operating hours (
  • Library staff are not responsible for showing visitors how to use equipment in either room. Arrangements should be made prior to use of either room with the Coordinator of Instructional Services for instruction on use of any equipment.
  • A UNCW faculty or staff member must be present in the room at all times and is responsible for the room and its equipment. This person is required to complete the, “Randall Library Classroom and Multipurpose Room Use Agreement.”
  • RL 1022 and 1039 may not be reserved by groups that are not affiliated with UNCW. Such groups should refer to the UNCW Facilities Use Policy:

All questions may be directed to the Associate Director of Academic Research and Engagement

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