Reserving Tables Outside Randall Library’s Main Entrance

Request should be directed to Campus Life Reservations and Event Services 910-962-4150, clreservations [at]

Tables and chairs that are reserved through Campus Life are stored in the vestibule of the library. Student groups or individuals are responsible for set-up and returning the tables and chairs to their storage location.

Direct any questions or notifications (i.e., tables not returned to storage) to the Office of Campus Life.

Reserving a Table Inside Randall Library (First Floor Only)

Requests should be directed to Randall Library’s Facility Coordinator & Cultural Activities Liaison, 910-962-7474, rhodesc [at]

Limit one table and two chairs at a time. Reservations for multiple groups will not be booked for the same time. Table and chairs will be waiting for you when you arrive. Set-up must be directly to the left of the Research Help Desk.

Distributing Flyers & Posters at Randall Library

The two glass cases in Randall Library’s vestibule, on either side of the sliding glass doors, are populated with flyers which directly relate to campus-affiliated groups or individuals. Priority is given to flyers that come to us via the Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC). If you have an appropriate flyer for display in one of these cases, please bring it to the Library Administration office, RL1046. All flyers in these cases are posted at Randall Library’s discretion.

The corkboard display, which is not behind glass, is available for the general use of UNCW students and our community. Please feel free to post flyers on this board, but be aware we reserve the right to “clean it up” when it gets too crowded.

Posting flyers and leaving other advertising material throughout Randall Library is not allowed. These materials will be thrown away.

Randall Library Public Programming & Exhibits Spaces

The following is a list of Randall Library spaces which may be available for your program or exhibit needs. If you are planning a workshop or small panel discussion, there may be space available that is not found below. Please fill out the form and choose “other” as your desired space and we will do our best to accommodate you.

1st Floor

Sherman Hayes Gallery

The Sherman Hayes gallery is located on the first floor of Randall Library near TAC. Consisting of a very large art wall, complete with professional-grade track lighting and open gallery space for sculpture and other three dimensional items, this is Randall’s largest exhibit and event location.

2nd Floor

2nd Floor Gallery

Located at the top of our main staircase and on Randall Library’s dedicated quiet study floor, the 2nd Floor Gallery is the perfect wall space for an exhibit of paintings, photography, or any other type of two dimensional materials. Track lighting. Due to its high volume of traffic, between the Graduate Study Space and the Graduate Computer Laboratory, we typically use the 2nd Floor Gallery for our annual fall semester exhibit highlighting UNCW’s Common Reading selection.

Sundial Gallery

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