Retreat at Randall


Retreat at Randall - A Wellness Space

Space Use Guidelines*

Retreat at Randall is intended for quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, stress relief, silent games, stretching, and yoga.

Please no:

  • Consumption of food (beverages with lids are permitted)
  • Group meetings, study sessions, or any activity that conflicts with the intention of the space 
  • Use of laptop computers (personal electronics may be used silently or with headphones)
  • Excessive noise and conversation 
  • Use of candles, incense, or any open/closed flame or flammable items 
  • Sleeping
  • Posting or leaving brochures, cards, flyers, or materials of any kind

To maintain this space for all users, please: 

  • Return all items to their original locations (books, yoga mats, prayer rugs, games, drawing utensils, meditation pillows, etc.)
  • Do not remove any items from this space 
  • Remember to take your personal belongings with you
  • Wipe down/disinfect items before and after use


  • Retreat at Randall is open to students, faculty, or staff with a valid UNCW OneCard.


  • Retreat at Randall is a multi-use space and no one is to be excluded from participating in group meditations, group yoga practices, or group prayer, nor should those groups be unduly disturbed by other activities
  • Please respect your fellows 

Randall Library is happy to support your academic success, but Retreat at Randall is not intended for studying or collaboration. If you need a study space, please visit the Randall Library website to learn about our group study reservation system. 

Suggestions, comments, ideas, feedback? Please email rlfacility [at]

*These guidelines are subject to change.

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