Retreat at Randall


Space Use Guidelines* 

Retreat at Randall is for quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, stress relief, silent games, stretching, and yoga.  

Please enjoy this space quietly and be respectful of fellow students wishing to use this space. 

Do not use the space for: 

  • Consumption of food (beverages with lids are permitted) 
  • Group meetings, study sessions, or any activity that conflicts with the intention of the space  
  • Excessive noise and conversation  

To maintain this space for all users, please:  

  • Use headphones if you are listening to music or other media 
  • Return all items to their original locations (books, yoga mats, prayer rugs, games, drawing utensils, meditation pillows, etc.) 
  • Do not remove any items from this space  
  • Remember to take your personal belongings with you 


  • Retreat at Randall is open to all students, faculty, or staff with a valid UNCW One Card.  
  • Retreat at Randall is a multi-use space, and no one is to be excluded from participating in group meditations, group yoga practices, or group prayer, nor should those groups be unduly disturbed by other activities. 


  • Several times a semester Retreat at Randall hosts various mindfulness and wellness programming (e.g., painting, yoga, journaling, etc.) 
  • Retreat at Randall programs are open to all students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Noise is to be expected while programs are in session. 
  • Retreat at Randall users are not required to leave the space during programs and are welcome to continue to use the space while a program is in session.  

Randall Library is happy to support your academic success, but Retreat at Randall is not for group study or collaboration. If you need a study space, please visit the Randall Library website to learn about our group study reservation system.  

Suggestions, comments, ideas, feedback? Please email


*These guidelines are subject to change.