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The library uses signs to share information about events and services in the library, on campus and in the community. The library is an active building, so it is a popular place to reach a varied audience. However, to maintain an uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing environment, certain areas of the library have been designated for posting signs.

Type of Announcement  and  location:
Campus & Community Events Outer Lobby and Portico Cases
Ads Outer Lobby Bulletin Board
Messages (group study meetings, etc) Message Board near library entrance
Library Events Entrance Areas, Auditorium Lobby
Library Services At Point of Use



These additional guidelines have been developed to aid in posting signs:
  • Signs announcing events not affiliated with the library: These signs should be dropped off at the Circulation Desk for posting. Signs for events not affiliated with the library are posted in the locked display cases in the lobby and on the portico entrance. Campus groups wishing to set up an exhibit about a program or service should contact the Outreach & Engagement Librarian. Exhibit space is scarce and should be reserved as far in advance as possible.
  • Open bulletin boards are available in the outer lobby for general announcements and advertising.
  • A message board is available inside the library for students arranging to meet for group study. This board is cleared off each morning.
  • Signs about library services: Unit managers will oversee sign postings in their areas of responsibility and are encouraged to post brief messages that convey useful information for library users.
    • The following guidelines will be followed to maintain our professional appearance:
    • Signs will be printed, not hand lettered.
    • Signs will not be taped onto any painted surfaces
    • Signs will not be affixed to any doors
    • Signs will be mounted on foam core or laminated whenever possible
    • Signs will be supported on easels or holders whenever possible
    • Signs will utilize positive language (“please” rather than “no”) whenever appropriate
    • Signs will not block or impede traffic
  • Signs about library-sponsored events: Librarians responsible for programs and events may post signs in the library entry area, top and bottom of the stairs (but not on the doors), the lobby outside the auditorium, and the group study counter/area by the old building entrance. Sign holders, easels, and foam-core mounting may be requested from Beth Roberts.
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