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The Visual Art Community of Wilmington & Southeastern NC: A Digital Exhibit

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Physical Galleries and Commercial Settings That Serve as Galleries

This set of galleries and other commercial settings that serve as galleries are all physical settings that are regularly open. We did not include the hundreds of web galleries that are now common. This new web gallery medium means that the artist is less dependent on a physical setting and their “physical gallery” is more readily available electronically. The various artists that have web galleries can be reached through an internet search by name or through a service such as


This set are formal organizations that support and guide visual art efforts in the region. They may be volunteer groupings of people, non-profits, for profits or governmental agencies. Many of these organizations will be duplicated in other sections such as education or galleries in that they have multiple functions.

Festivals and Events that showcase visual arts

Many events that are multiple purposed include the visual arts through a show, sale, vendor presentation or competition.