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The Visual Art Community of Wilmington & Southeastern NC: A Digital Exhibit

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Physical Galleries and Commercial Settings That Serve as Galleries

This set of galleries and other commercial settings that serve as galleries are all physical settings that are regularly open. We did not include the hundreds of web galleries that are now common. This new web gallery medium means that the artist is less dependent on a physical setting and their “physical gallery” is more readily available electronically. The various artists that have web galleries can be reached through an internet search by name or through a service such as

Festivals and Events that showcase visual arts

Many events that are multiple purposed include the visual arts through a show, sale, vendor presentation or competition.

Where do artists work? Can I visit their studio?

The vast majority of artists in the region work out of a private studio that is rented or part of their home. You should always contact the artist if you want to visit them. The internet is a logical starting point for contact as many now have virtual galleries and private websites. Also for the immediate Wilmington area, is a good starting point.

For students in general, their studio is the educational setting. See educational listings in this website or on the internet in general. Some teachers and professors use their school setting as a studio but most have a private space as well.

Some artists have a combination studio, educational center and/or commercial site. Examples include:

There are two cooperative/rental artists studio centers in Wilmington.

You can find a large set of studio images without attribution to the artists or to exact locations from the Wilmington Area here.


Many types of museums support the visual arts with art items in their collections, educational outreach in art workshops and/or provision of research materials on the visual arts.