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Surfing Contests in the Cape Fear Region

Below is a listing of surfing contests that have been held in the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina. Please note that this is a work in progress and incomplete. If you know of a contest or significant occurrence that you would like to share, or feel that there may be an error in the information included below, please contact Peter Fritzler,

Contests in Southeastern North Carolina, 1965-1968
Record Bar Pro-Am (1981-1985)
Hot Wax Challenge
Rusty / Red Dogs Open
East Coast Wahine Championships (1997 - )
WBLA Annual Longboard Classic (2002 - )
Reef / Sweetwater Pro-Am (2005 - )
Cold Water Classic (2004 - )
Cape Fear Clean Water Classic (2005-2008)
Bavaria Holland Beer Pro/Am Silvagni Benefit Contest (2006-)

Surfers at the 2nd Annual Surfing Contest. May 28-29, 1966.
Reprinted with permission of the StarNews of Wilmington, N.C.

Image of the 1985 Record Bar Pro Am.
Record Bar Pro-Am, 1985. Courtesy: Robert Dittmer

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