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Embarking on a multi-year endeavor to document surfing's presence in North Carolina's Cape Fear Region, William Randall Library hopes to capture the essence of surfing through the collection and preservation of artifacts and interviews. These include art, music, films, photographs, posters,
t-shirts, surfboards, and other materials in its efforts to preserve the region's surfing story.

While these materials will convey a certain physical representation of surfing's development, they alone will not describe the passionate relationship shared between surfers and the ocean. As such, Randall Library will also be supplementing the collection with video-taped interviews of individuals who helped to shape and define the area's surfing community and bring life to this already impressive collection.

Below is a listing of material available at Randall Library in support of this effort. If you are interesting in donating materials to this collection, please contact Peter Fritzler,

Atlantic Surfing Magazine
Eastern Surf Magazine
International Surfing
Peterson’s Surfing Yearbook
Surfer’s Journal
Surfing East

Books (General)
Dale Velzy is Hawk
The Glide: Longboarding and the Renaissance of Modern Surfing
Surfing Long Beach Island
Wavescape: Portraits of the Planet’s Best Surf Spots
200 Years of Surfing Literature: an Annotated Bibliography
1966 World Surfing Championships official program
Tom Blake: Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman
Pipe Dreams: a Surfer’s Journey
Eddie Would Go: the Story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian Hero

Books (include photographs/information on surfing in the Cape Fear Region)
Carolina Beach (Postcard History Series)
Carolina Beach, NC: Images and Icons of a Bygone Era
Historic Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear: An Illustrated History
Wrightsville Beach: A Pictorial History

Beach Break: a History of Surfing in South Carolina (VHS)
It was Better Back Then: a Trip Through the Seventies, a Decade of Waves (DVD)


  1. D.J. Struntz
    1. Allison, Will – black and white print. visible image 38 x 31 cm. in frame 54 x 46 cm. Year: 2001. Identification number: 022340
    2. Crystal Pier – color print. Visible image 33 x 48 cm.
      Year: 2001. UNCW SENC Photograph: Drawer 12, Item 16
    3. Hunt, Mark – color print. Visible image 31 x 46 cm. in frame 46 x 61 cm.
      Year: 2001. Identification number: 022339
    4. Masonboro – color. Visible image 33 x 48 cm.
      Year 2001. UNCW SENC Photograph: Drawer 12, Item 17

  2. Chang, Aaron (under construction)

Oral Histories
  1. Funderburg, Joe
  2. Jones, Jon
  3. King, Eugene
  4. Lancaster, Lank
  5. Parker, Robert
  6. Petty, Harold
  7. Watters, James L.

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